SafetySpect iPAD App – Revolutionizing Sanitation Technology and Hardware Business

Benefits of connecting apps with hardware business - case study by Twelfth Dream

SafetySpect is revolutionizing sanitation with their patented AI technology. AI technology detects, disinfects, and documents contaminants, all without the use of chemicals. For example, it detects human saliva and respiratory droplets.

They specialize in solutions for many places.For instance, restaurants, government, airlines and airports, government etc.

What is CSI technology

safetyspect - Benefits of connecting apps with hardware business - case study by Twelfth Dream

Contamination Sanitation Inspection (CSI) tools use UVC light to identify contaminants. It then uses UVC LED lights to deactivate and disinfect any harmful pathogens. These devices started as a niche food testing device but after the discovery of COVID-19 the process changed. They expanded the device feature set to include other contaminants.Testing for saliva and respiratory droplets containing viruses like COVID-19 were included after the expansion.

Firstly, SafetySpect’s technology detects a wide range of contaminants. Secondly, identifies each one. Then, disinfects the surface in seconds. All data is stored on the cloud and is accessible via a web or mobile app. Twelfth Dream smooths the path for customers who wanted mobile, real-time information on contaminants. Our team developed a native mobile app that connects directly with the disinfecting units to provide real-time safety data and information. 

Project Development Timeline

The whole project for SafetySpect took 4 months. 

Twelfth Dream began this project with a deep dive into the needs and goals of SafetySpect. Above all, we look at what their customers needed in the app. They required an app that has a connection with their hardware. Therefore,provides clients with real-time AI analysis of analyzed areas. The app needed to be easy to use and presents results that were easy to understand.  

We created a prototype of the app that was tested with the SafetySpect team. Based on the analysis, we were able to make improvements to the finalized design. Certainly, app prototyping is a step we strongly suggest for all our clients. It helps us produce a higher quality end product. Learn how we make a prototype. 

After all, the feedback was received.We built the final product and tested it once again to make sure everything worked smoothly as expected. The final product was then given to the client. We also supported the project with screenshots for use in the app store. 

Benefits for connected apps for hardware businesses 

If you have a hardware device or data-based system, adding a native mobile app for your business has many benefits including:

  1. Performance: Native apps have better performance because they are designed for a specific OS or device. Loading times are often faster due to how data is stored on the device for quick caching and recovery. 
  2. Security:  Native apps are not reliant on JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS technologies. As a result,they are often more secure than web-based apps
  3. Interactivity: With mobile-connected apps, you have more flexibility for interactivity and usability. Many devices use touch screens that make them fast and easy to use.
  4. Upgrades: With a native app, it’s much easier to make your own feature and security updates with the use of APIs. Adding push notifications is also common in native apps.

Businesses who have a web-based app can add a mobile native app too. It adds options for your customers . Because they want or need the flexibility of accessing your systems on a mobile device or tablet. It’s a great value add to include in your product portfolio. 

Client Results

SafetySpect was quite pleased with the result. The app now allows customers to conduct paperless audits of cleaning sites. Also, it creates reports directly from the app. The display details every contaminant detected. The AI provides an analysis of its contamination frequency, risk severity as well as much other detailed analytics. 

 They get a fully functional app for customers with their hardware. Moreover, they use it as a business use case to succeed in their next fundraising goal.

Do you need an app to integrate with your hardware products or devices?

Connecting hardware and software provides numerous benefits. This connection represents real-time data and AI analytics. It’s a value add that will prove invaluable for your business and clients. 

If your business needs a custom-developed app to display and communicate data from your hardware, contact us for a free estimate for your project today. 

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