Charlotte’s Newborn Academy

What’s in the education platform?

Charlotte’s online education platform demonstrates every cute newborn baby pose you can think of, from tushie to taco to potato sack. It includes instructions about different wrapping techniques that you can practice on your own, as well as tips for lighting and editing. She creates new video lessons every month for her subscribers. Newborn photographers who have an active subscription plan can view lessons on their computer or on the go, via the mobile app. 

The app is designed for photographers wanting to specialize in newborn photography and includes “How to” guides in:

  • creatively posing newborns
  • properly preparing a baby for the photoshoot
  • setting-up proper lighting and studio set-up
  • easily and quickly editing photos
  • marketing your business on social media. 

To receive full access to current and future lessons from Charlotte, first go to Charlotte’s Newborn Academy. After sing up, you need to purchase a subscription plan. After that you can download the app to view the content from your mobile device.

Why this online education platform is unique

With every project we work on, there are unique features that we are particularly proud of. 

It was important to Charlotte that the content and subscription plans be easily updated without needing a new iteration or a redesign of the app. We were able to accomplish this for her, which will save her future development costs. 

Not only is the technology of the app flexible and functional, but the user experience is also quite impressive. The subscription plans are very flexible and the videos are playing quickly and smoothly from all over the world. 

In the first two weeks of the project official release, it got over 180+ unique visits every day, 4900+ daily requests, and no app crashes reported!

Project Development Timeline

Developing a platform which includes both web application and mobile app usually takes several months. With the added unexpected disruption by the COVID-19 virus, it took about 4 months from project start to get our first beta version released. The team officially released the mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store in August.  The Web app was released in early October. Based on the new requests and feedback receiving from users, we’re constantly enhancing and adding more features to the platform. The team releases a new version of the mobile app and upgrades the platform almost every other month.

The whole project from start to finish took about 8 months. 

Why create an online course for your business?

More businesses are turning to online courses and apps as a business product. Paid online courses and memberships are a great way to create a passive or recurring revenue stream for your business. As a result, your business will be up and running even when you may be restricted or limited from doing in-person events. 

Instead of teaching one-to-one courses over Zoom (or in-person), an online course saves you time and resources as you simply create and deliver the course content once and people can purchase it anytime or through a membership-type subscription. You will then need an online education platform to distribute the content. 

With the current restrictions, businesses that rely on in-person services, are often struggling to meet their revenue goals. Charlotte made a smart decision to look to online subscription-based courses to grow her business. Now she can help more budding photographers learn her craft, but not spend her valuable time doing private classes. 

What’s your business dream?

If your business is looking to provide online courses or membership program and needs an online education platform to support it, talk to Twelfth Dream team. We can help you get the infrastructure set-up to accept payments and deliver your digital product. 

Contact our team today about your ideas and we can help you turn it into reality!

Learn about the amazing new app and subscriptions service we helped local photographer Charlotte Gamache create to teach others the art and business of newborn photography: Charlotte’s Newborn Academy

Does your business rely on in-person events, trainings, or appointments? If COVID19 restrictions have limited your ability to do in-person events, consider creating an online course. This way you can teach people how to DIY what you do. Learn more about how we build a new software product, whether it’s a web application or a mobile app or get a free estimate.