Revolutionizing Interior Design with Custom Designed Software

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In the bustling world of interior design, the harmony between creativity and efficiency is crucial. Yet, many small business owners, just like you, face daily hurdles with software systems that are supposed to make life easier. If your day-to-day operations involve juggling multiple systems, re-entering data across platforms, struggling with report generation, or constantly assisting clients with system navigation, you may consider a custom designed software.

Meet Molly and Dwaina, the visionary duo behind Good Space Plans Online. With years of experience in full-service interior design, they embarked on a journey to make home design service more accessible. Their mission led to the creation of a fully online interior design firm, aiming to break down barriers between designers and homeowners. However, as their business evolved, they faced a growing challenge: their client portal was far from the efficient, user-friendly platform they and their clients deserved.

That’s where Twelfth Dream came into play, crafting a custom-designed software platform tailored to the unique needs of interior designers and firms like Good Space Plans Online. Our goal was to streamline project management, communication, and service delivery, making it effortless for businesses to expand their practice and serve clients online.

Key Features That Make This Software Custom

  1. Project Flow Management:
    This platform introduces a flexible system that molds to the unique workflow of the company. It allows customization of project stages, tasks, and deadlines. This adaptability enhances productivity and ensures smooth project progression.
  2. Thorough Questionnaires:
    We’ve integrated detailed questionnaires into the platform, enabling designers to capture comprehensive insights into their clients’ preferences, lifestyle, and needs. This foundational step guarantees designs that resonate deeply with clients’ visions.
  3. Sharing Inspirational Designs:
    Clients can easily share their design inspirations, streamlining the communication of likes and dislikes and fostering more personalized design outcomes.
  4. Rooms and Goods Data Entry:
    This feature allows clients to input detailed information about each space, ensuring designers have all necessary data for precise planning. Moreover, it includes an option for clients to list items they wish to retain, adding another layer of customization.
  5. Seamless Communications:
    With a built-in tool for effortless interaction, all communications are centralized and organized, enhancing project efficiency and understanding.
  6. Timely Reminders:
    Automated reminders keep projects on track, alerting both clients and designers to upcoming deadlines and appointments, thus improving time management and satisfaction.
  7. Online Payments:
    This platform supports various payment methods, simplifying transactions for both parties and enhancing the client experience.
  8. Appointment Booking with Third-Party Service Providers:
    Integration with external services makes booking appointments with vendors or consultants a breeze, saving time and streamlining logistics.

Overall, this comprehensive suite of tools specifically addresses the needs of the interior design industry, leveraging technology to elevate service quality and client experience. By choosing Twelfth Dream, Good Space Plans Online not only stood out from the competition but saw their business and client satisfaction grow.

Are You Ready to Make Your Very Own Software?

If you’re looking to increase your business’s profitability and scalability, it’s time to consider a custom software solution. This becomes an asset for your small business, not a challenge. Book a discovery session with Twelfth Dream today, and let’s start building a software solution fully optimized for your business. Embrace the future of interior design with technology that works for you.