What is Python Web Development?

Python does great things. Besides the capabilities to do data visualization, data analytics, the blockchain usages it has, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and machine learning, python web development is popular among all developers all around the world.

In this article, we take a look at several basic definitions regarding python. For example, what web development and python are. Further, we go into detail and pick up information on python’s benefits, frameworks, and libraries.

What is web development

Development is the process of becoming better, stronger, or more advanced. Web development is a course of actions that involved in creating a website. For instance, building, designing, maintaining and managing all tasks on a website. They all come together to make a good website for your business.

To be more precise, web development branches into two, front-end and back-end development. However, full-stack development substitutes for both. A full-stack developer can do any of the work here. Front-end focuses on the visual aspects of a website. While the back-end works behind the scene. That is where python could enhance the performance of any website. It affects whether the website project goes well or not. Without a back-end, the front-end is meaningless. They have a close relationship.

Web development teams, like the one at Twelfthdream, are made up of web developers. They build a website from start to finish. A majority of these developers follow agile scrum methodology. Scrum is an agile framework for software development to manage productivity.

When development is being done, page loading speed is an important thing to have eye on because Page loading speed impacts the user experience. Read our article to gain more information.

What is python?

Python is a programming language that was first introduced in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. It is a problem solver for many development issues. Not only is it a good solution for using and developing web-based software but also application software especially mobile apps.

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, dynamic language. The world’s tech giant companies such as Google, Instagram, Nasa, and Microsoft rely on python to support their products. The cost of program maintenance is low because the language is straightforward to use, and the syntax is readable. Moreover, it supports modules and packages that make a modular program. So, the codes are usable in other programs. All these features and many others cause python to rank among the top five programming languages.

Python’s benefits

  • Easy to learn, easy to use: Python posses a similar syntax to the English language. As a result, the codes are easy to read and understand.
  • Portable: In many programming languages, some changes in the codes are necessary to run a program in different operating systems. The process is different with python. You write a code once and run it anytime, anywhere.
  • Extensive libraries: Any functions for any task can be found in the libraries. This feature, enriches your project with external libraries.
  • Open source: With this feature downloading, editing, and distributing any code is possible in python.
  • Integration with other programming languages like java and #C: This advantage differentiates python from other languages. No language is complete and using one language for web development is not suggested. Big libraries and the merits of other languages make for a good impression.
  • IoT opportunities: Python establish a solid relationship with new platforms such as Raspberry Pie, and these platforms bring a bright future for the Internet Of things (IoT)
  • Python is versatile: Both portable and complete
  • Object oriented: python supports many object-oriented models. Functions, objects and classes assist modeling the real world.

python web development

Why python web development?

Instagram (social media app), Spotify (music streaming app), and Google (search engine) deploy python for web development. ActivePython is a software with sets of extensions. It enables developers to conduct the tasks with state-of-the- art python frameworks such as Django, Tornado, and Flask. So, python is a good fit for simple and complex projects. Now let us dive further into the python frameworks.

Python web frameworks

There are various frameworks for python. Some handy python frameworks to keep note of:

  • Django is a famous free, open-source framework that is placed in the full-stack category. This framework simplifies the web development process with high versatility and good scalability. The framework assists developers in the process of web development with features like authentication, content management, URL routing, and database schema transfer. Django works with Oracle, MySQL, and other databases.
  • Tornado is designed for Asynchronous processes. This open source framework owns a variety of web theme builders.
  • Flask is a debugger micro-framework that connects the SQL servers with the URL database. This framework supports client-server cookies. Furthermore, it is used for creating prototypes.
  • Pyramid is one of the most important full-stack frameworks. It is simple to use while providing many attributes for developers. Pyramid has its own Predicates and furthermore, can add any functionality that is needed.
  • Turbo Gears possess a pluggable command-line tool. It has elements such as WebOb, Repoze, and Genshi. It’s flexible and fast for efficient web app development.

python libraries

Python libraries for web development

Python libraries influence application development substantially, but what is that? A python library is a string of codes that you might require to use and include in different projects again and again. So, there is no need to write codes from the scratch. There are more than 137,000 python libraries. In this article, we offer a list of the top 5 well-known python libraries:

  • Scrapy is a powerful library that extracts data for your app. If you are dealing with data mining and automated testing, it could come in quite handy.
  • Dash is beneficial for developing web applications. This library plays an important role in data visualization. Charts, dashboards, and graphs which are features that distinguish Dash from others.
  • Requests, sending HTTP requests to exchange information with an app, getting HTML pages or data with this library are no trouble at all.
  • Zappa is a library for developing serverless applications.
  • Pandas is an open-source library vital for data-science.


Throughout this article, we learn basic information about python web development and more. Now that you have a wider perspective, it is time to make a decision. . Choose the right mobile app development company for your project, then wait as the desired product is delivered in a timely manner. If you are in the market for web and mobile applications for your business, Team As A Service (TAAS) at Twelfthdream will be at your service. We serve your project goals and meet deadlines with ease. Book a discovery session now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any disadvantages with python? Yes, Runtime errors, slow speed are two problems with python.

Can I employ python for game development? Of course. Battlefield 2 uses python.

What are languages other than python for web development? JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, React, C++, PHP, and C are top languages for web development.

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