What is push notification?

As a business owner, it is vital to know the answer to the question, what is push notification? Although you might be familiar with the topic, but have you taken advantage of it? As Google said, Push Notification is an essential aspect of marketing trends. What Google says is benchmark data, so you should not ignore it anytime if you are seeking success. Therefore, we have prepared this article to give you an accurate review on the topic.

What is push notification?

Push notifications are messages that appear on the top of a device screen. They could include content such as images, videos, Gifs, and text messages. It is a channel of communication that has a great role in your career. Since notifications are personalized for each user, they have the power to enhance your brand awareness and revenue. For instance, they can be used in promoting your recent product, offering discount coupons, and publicizing a future event. On the flip side, overusing push notifications is not a good idea. Avoid this manner, otherwise, users will mute your app. Push notifications were born in 2009, so the topic is still brand new. Be cautious, how you employ it in your application marketing is very important and will change your results.

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What is push notification

Different push notification types


Web push notifications are usually pop-up messages that appear on the top or bottom right of desktop screens. That is to say, the location of the messages can vary based on the operating system. Web push notifications are distributed on mobile or desktop screens. So, users find it quite straightforward whenever they are active on the device.

Wearable technology

In the early 2000s, if you told someone we would wear technology someday, they would think you were joking. Nothing is impossible. Now in 2021, we wear smartwatches, glasses, etc. These devices are synchronized with mobile phones. You can decide what to see on your wearable. Therefore, you can alternate the settings to make the environment more personalized.

Mobile apps

An application is a friend you will need. We study, practice, play, etc. with mobile apps. Therefore, the large community is wide enough to build a good relationship. Mobile app push notifications are delivered through an installed app on your device. Hybrid and/or native apps do not have any technical differences. There are two approaches to mobile push notification. Automatically with identifiers, or manually by publishers.


Desktop push notifications are sourced in the software you installed on your ROM. So, there is a more concerted effort to develop them.

What are push notifications used for and why?

Elevating user experience

Kill two birds with one stone. Use push notification as a marketing method to enhance user experience. Think about the following questions:

  • Why are the reasons a person would use your application?
  • How can push notifications boost your user experience?

Let us give you an example. Uber is a popular herald in taxi app development. Based on the users’ data, notifications are sent specifically for each user. In this way, they won’t be depressed. Interestingly, they welcome the users with open arms. Push notifications are an advertisement tool. If you implement it wisely, you will see the benefits. Uber sends the driver’s location instantly. Moreover, it estimates the driver’s arrival time.

Rise engagement, acquisition, and retention

Stating the obvious, the push notification conversion rate is high. It is because people don’t regularly check messages or emails. They receive tons of them every day. The push notification number is not that much, so people are probably keen on checking them periodically. Therefore, it is an amazing strategy to involve users who are workaholics, but still employ and support you. On the other hand, for brand new users, offering discount codes will make it more likely for them to use your app again.

What is push notification

Push notifications vs text messages

Push notifications and text messages facilitate effective engagement with your target audience, but they are two very different concepts. Therefore, they bring about sweeping changes in your marketing program. They both, are passed on to mobile phones. Especially when the screen is locked, they resemble eachother very much.

The first contrast is that push notifications have a limited number of characters. However, text messages dont, and users can open the page to carry on reading. If push notification text is not indicated completely on the lock screen, it can reduce the conversion rate. Hence, push notifications with fewer words have a higher conversion rate.

On the other hand, you will be redirected to the app if you open a push notification. Whereas in a text message, the native home is the gadget messenger.

Push notifications economize and make cutbacks, because they are free to deliver. Even though text messages don’t follow the same pattern. The cost mounts up based on users’ mobile phone programs and your desired messaging service. Further, people usually delete short text messages without even reading them, and only sometimes adding the senders’ number to their blacklist.

More about push notification differences

Programms asks for permission to send notifications at the beginning of the installation process. Meanwhile, to reach your audience with text messages, you need to buy their numbers. That is completely illegal, so it can have inevitable outcomes.

Last, but certainly not the least: Phone numbers in advertisement messages are chosen at random. That’s why your message ends up in the spam folder because it makes people feel bad at the time. As a result, push notifications are a better option because users are aware of their origin.

People, in the end, decide what they want to hear, see, and listen to. They can simply disable push notifications. You can strategically increase the conversion rate by deploying eminent content in push notifications.

Push notification examples


Endorse your products, goods, and services with eCommerce push notifications. Inform audiences of the latest updates in your company. Personalize them to shift users to target customers. Be creative. Remember the specific days in your users’ lives, likewise birthdays. It is a win-win strategy. Users snap up the bargains you provided, and you will sell more as each day passes.


The number of gaming websites, PWAs and apps is soaring day by day. Gamers voraciously play for hours. One way to engage more users to your platform and strengthen the traffic is with rich content. Make people curious. Produce contents of the latest updates of different games and new releases in the gaming world. Take a look at Ubisoft’s website story.

Traveling and hospitality

Keep users engaged with an important piece of information, like booking offers and ticket discounts. Trigger their temptation.


Now that you know what push notification is, you can create a stronger bond with your audience members. Send messages to users and broaden your digital presence. That’s when you can convey messages to your subscribers just like a piece of cake. First of all, check out for brands which avail themselves of this feature. In other words, startups owe more to careful management than good luck. Then walk the way forward. However, if you require any consultation, feel free to ask. Twelfthdream Team As A Service (TAAS) always has your back. Since 2015, we have been giving a helping hand to many idea holders, and we’ve helped businesses grow. We’ll pave the way for you. Book a discovery call here.

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