Top 8 app ideas to make money

Our lives are genuinely connected to smartphones. Certainly, we establish a solid relationship with mobile apps, from Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) to native apps and hybrid apps. An application is a piece of computer software that does a particular job. In the era of digital marketing, apps are the local chamber of commerce because many people prefer to buy products or services online. Therefore, in this article, we’ve decided to bring app ideas to make money.

Some app ideas for 2021

App development is a step-by-step process. Firstly, a bright design idea is a stepping stone to success. You can recap the benefits from app ideas to make money that users want most. If you are looking for soaring app ideas to make money, here, we offer you the top 8.

some app ideas for 2021

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An application for architecture and decoration

In this application, you would use the best decoration ideas by deploying a virtual reality (VR) simulation. The quickest way to see the optimal outcome is by uploading a photo in the app. Then, all you need to do is  decorate the ideal decoration with tools such as sofas, rugs, lamps, etc.

How can you make money from such app ideas?

Let’s kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, in similar app ideas, you can build collaboration with home necessities stores, for instance, sofa and furniture stores. Secondly, the premium version is the other way to hit the market. For example, the team of experts will have discovery sessions with customers to assess their needs and tendencies. Most importantly, the cost of the session would vary depending on if its face to face or online.

Magic Plan and ArchiSnapper are decoration apps for both iOS and Android Os.

An application for testing accessories

Your appearance is the very first thing people may recognize precisely. Subsequently, they may judge a book by its cover first hand. In addition to clothes, the accessories influence the outfit.

When it comes to online accessory shopping, the major problem is the absence of testing, especially for women. There are lots of applications that add accessories on the app store. Among all app ideas, one that can provide testing is a win-win solution. Users want to personalize their set of clothes. So, if testing is customized in the app, you’ll see the sheer joy on your customers’ faces.

Likewise, in the previous app at the opening of the trial, you upload a photo. After that, comes accessory testing like glasses, pieces of jewelry, or turban. Later, if customers were completely satisfied with the result, they would buy the items. Moreover, it’s a positive method to encourage people who use the app as entertainment to buy a good.

With the presence of this app, more users have become the target customers. Therefore, we propose you not underestimate it amongst app ideas.

An application for the elderly

One of the major concerns for elderlies with amnesia and physical disabilities is forgetting tasks. For example, taking medicine, paying bills, a and shopping list of essential items. As a result, one of the app ideas that might come in handy is developing a daily reminder app.

The second idea would be an interlocuter app. Most of the elderlies are living alone. They need somebody to talk with. Why not offering them one? In this app, people can opt for a person depending on age, gender, language, city. Furthermore, they would specify conversation minutes and price. Finally, between all results and after analyzing results they choose the person.

App ideas for an innovative marketplace

Most online shops deploy a repetitive style. Market owners make products available throughout the market. Finally, people select goods and pay the cost of purchase. In modern applications, this process could be more advanced particularly with machine learning (ML). In a way that users mention wanted things and enable people in charge to make unique products for their selves or others. To give you an idea, owners offer users a chair with specific arms, legs for a specific location. So, get all app ideas in this category seriously.

The idea of designing applications for exchanging goods

Once upon a time, the only way to sell products was by display them in a market. Now mobile apps are part of the inner circle of trade.

All of us hold big or small things that were used to be practical for us but they aren’t now. Others, on the other hand, may require them. Building a platform for exchanging goods is one of the most beneficial app ideas. In this cycle, everyone can exchange their useless products with others.

Designing a travel-aid app

Some people really like to travel. Travelling is a challenge. As a traveler, you need to know which location is best for you based on your budget and your personality. Certainly, a large number of people have thought about this. This platform is ideal for discovering new sights and having practical experiences.

Designing a cooking app

You might have experienced having a lot of ingredients in your fridge, but not knowing what to cook with them. The absence is felt in the moment, and an application that suggests some food based on your material would be really helpful at that time. In the development process, you can add some constraints such as calories or countries.

An app for online shopping

Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are important events in everyone’s life. The idea of a gift app is quite handy, since many people are workaholic and don’t have enough time to go shopping. On the other hand, many customers prefer to avoid hustles and bustles of a marketplace, that is why the idea of a gift app which would deliver the gift to your door would come in handy.

The app could function like explained. In this app, you make a list of supplies you need in the online shops. Your friends, relatives and close people could see your list and you can see theirs too. Whenever there is a special occasion you have the exact idea of what to buy and the person may be clearly very content.

This idea helps shops to sell better. They can offer a prebuying feature in the app with offers. So, people would be encouraged to buy products in advance.

Begin with studying the best online shopping apps’ success story, apps such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.


Mobile app ideas are abundant. There is still more to mention like the idea of building investing apps, social media apps, and more. Generation and development is half of the project. The other half is application marketing. If you didn’t deploy a successful marketing strategy, the app’s success may be in jeopardy.

Once you come up with the app ideas, you need a development team to fulfill the ambition. Here, at Twelfth Dream, we possess a team of experts. Team As A Service (TAAS) plans the app down to the smallest details. Don’t miss this chance. You should book a discovery session as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is machine learning? Machine leaning is a method using artificial intelligence which focuses on the data and algorithms to imitate human behavior.
  • Why applications are popular? Not only are they popular and accessible but also do decrease daily problem. Therefore, they are very popular.
  • What are the features of application ideas? Firstly, you should sort out two prior principles. The ideas should be innovative and not repetitive.
    The idea should solve a problem from people’s lives.

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