The best free app design tools you should employ in 2023

Deciding on an app or a website is the first step to joining mobile-based platforms. But the next big challenge is how do you display it to the audience? We all have heard the saying don’t judge a book by its cover, but whether you like it or not, the look plays a big role. In this context, app design is at the core of users’ attention. So, engaging users and then keeping them in the application is the best outcome of a good design. Free app design tools help developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to aesthetically create a brilliant prototype with icons all the way to custom buttons for iOS and Android apps. In this article, we have listed the top seven tools that can help with your app design.

App development life cycle

Running a successful mobile app is a combination of hard work and intuition. It is a step-by-step process following the domino effect rule. In other words, mobile app design includes a chain of related behavior and tasks. Neglecting to mention all the phases in the procedure could lead to inevitable outcomes. Hence, understanding the app development life cycle (ADLC) is critical. Not only does it help to picture the whole project, but it also helps estimate the time and budget needed. So, let us have a quick look at the 6-step process.


The very initial phase is mapping out the general principles. It’s very important, and most mobile app development companies, like Twelfthdream, hold a discovery session. You can call it a win-win strategy for the app design, and for building trust between you and the IT firm. People try to pursue the answers to the following questions in this phase.

What is your preferred operating system? Which is better, Android or iOS?

What are the features that you can put in the app?

How long does it take to create the app?

What are your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses, and how can you outperform them?

What specializations are required to build the app?


Designing means sketching the app format, icons, functionalities, etc., and in one word, the image of the app. It is usually made by UX and UI designers.


After that you decided on the look of the app, it is time to code it. The front-end and back-end developers shape a flawless product that is user-friendly and operates well.


Testing the app for quality assurance and fixing bugs is vital.


In the end, you will upload your app on app stores like Google play store. Keep in touch with users and read the feedback they’ve given in reviews. By fulfilling your users needs, your business surely grow.


App development is a never-ending process. You should continue on making it better by making updates.

Now you know that forming a digital product requires knowledge and various experts. Twelfth Dream Team as a Service (TaaS) can be a good choice. Aside from the knowledge and level of expertise, the cost saving benefits of TaaS is another important facet to consider. Have the backbone to shine in the market.

Top 7 app design tools

Do not waste time searching for the right app prototyping tools. We have listed the best ones here. Let us get started.

Free app design tools


A wireframe (sometimes called mockup) is a skeleton outline of a digital product, for example, an application. With Balsamiq wireframes, UX designers quickly arrange a two-dimensional interactive sketch for any screen size before even coding the app. Balsamiq is a top-notch tool for UI professionals, nonprofessionals, product managers, and agencies to incorporate UI components and symbols into the design of the project. The ultimate mockup can be in PNG or PDF so you can share it with others for collaborative feedback. The company offers a free 30-day trial for all its products, including Balsamiq cloud, Balsamiq for desktop, and google drive.


Developed by Marvel, PopApp makes building a low-fidelity prototype achievable on Android or iOS devices. PopApp is an apt choice for projects with less complexity and advanced requirements. The application shares over 1 million fonts, icons, widgets, avatars, and stock photos with hundreds of users using the app. The procedure is relatively straightforward. To begin, just add your paper prototype to the app and then edit and link your images. Furthermore, you can reap benefits from hundreds of videos and tutorials to elevate the quality of your work, free of charge.

Laudable App

The laudable app is awash with eminent iOS 7 design to beautifully make the look of your upcoming app. is not in an article format, which means it merely showcases iPhone apps. Crave out a successful and elegant design to excite users with Laudable. 

Axure RP

If you are an experienced designer, the Axure app will meet all your demands from A to Z, but, it could be time-consuming for amateurs to master using it, since it has a steep learning curve. If you want to see the Axure app environment, then start the free 30-day trial. Axure makes it possible to write codes to visualize interactions. BBC, Amazon, and Microsoft have all used Axure to design wireframes, diagrams, mockups, functionalities, flowcharts, and more for their businesses.

free app design tools


OmniGraffle welcomes designers with sets of features like diagrams, wireframes, screen flows, etc. for a realistic prototyping experience. Therefore, you can innovate the atmosphere of an iOS or Android app and a website without further ado. OmniGraffle is a device-friendly platform, meaning it can operate anywhere on different devices such as a Mac, iPad, and/or iPhone. Surprisingly, the default language can be changed to Italian, Spanish, French, and more.


You can do a great job from the get-go with UXPin and share it with team members, like the UI developers for a collaborative idea exchange. Particularly in times, an app design team works remotely. UXPin is a drag and drop tool to create prototype showcases at scale. Furthermore, is an invaluable resource to learn. The company holds fruitful UX and product development webinars to empower designers with knowledge.


If you are dying to equip yourself with creative skills, Then Envato Tuts+ is for you. Their goal is educating people so they can make money online and generate passive money revenue. Tuts has paved the way by offering practical knowledge in the design, code, and illustration contents. You can choose from an abundance of written courses and video tutorials. They are completely free. If you want, you can take a look at the website here.


A stunning design lifts users’ spirit. In part, it is a tribute to a flawless mobile app design and development because target audiences are not directly involved with codes. Opt for a design tool, and afterwards, walk the future steps. Innovation is key to business survival. Put time and concerted effort to learn from your competitors. Then, think about how you can boost it by adding your own taste. And if you need help, fell free to contact us. TwelfthDream Team as a Service (TaaS) offers a delicate art. Do not hesitate to contact Twelfthdream if you need any information. You can book a free discovery call here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between a mockup and a prototype?

Mockups are the graphic design of the project using colors, icons, etc. while prototypes are the implementation and preview of the final product with which users can interact.

Does a UX designer need to code?

Not necessarily. But in the vast world of software development, the common denominator is coding. In other words, knowing programming facilitates communication with other team members and helps to understand and handle the project you are working on better.

What is passive money revenue? Passive income stream is referred to the money a person makes without actively work.

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