The 10 most popular investing apps

Investing apps have soared in popularity in recent years. Before their emergence, investment was a bit of a daunting task, especially for beginners. To be more precise, the Internet and mobile app design have suited the convenience of people living in the 21st century. There is an app for almost anything, and with a few simple clicks, we can use the app. On the other hand, applications are available abundantly, so you should opt for an investment app that meets your needs. For example, it is important to consider the app’s features, subscription plans, etc. Therefore, in today’s blog post, we have listed the best investing apps that can help  you embark upon trading.

What are investing apps?

The phrase “investing apps” is comprised of two words, investing, and apps. You probably know what investing is. Let us go through the term application (app). Applications are a piece of computer software designed for mobile for different platforms. Mobile apps come in three types: native, hybrid, and progressive web apps. Native apps run on a specific operating system like Android or iOS, while hybrid apps are compatible with both. PWAs are responsive websites running on a browser, which means they don’t install anything on the phone.

Investment apps are fantastic tools to use when investing. With all the features, plans, and advantages they offer, you can turn your hand at investing without further ado, without a financial advisor.

investing apps

The best investing apps in 2022


Fidelity is the juggernaut of investment apps to invest for free. Furthermore, the great customer service provided by fidelity puts your mind at comfort in case of problems. Fidelity charges nothing for account fees or commission trades. The financial platform offers a plethora of services encompassing retirement planning, wealth management, brokerage services, college savings, etc. Employing fractional share has been expanded to dollar-based, meaning you can have a part of an ETF.

M1 Finance

In comparison with other investing apps, M1 Finance suits long-term values better than short-term marks. M1 Finance is a brokerage and investment management tool that allows both the user and the robotics consultant to conduct trades.

Although this software has some downwards, it provides robust data security protections as a free platform that does not require a minimum account balance. M1 transmits and stores data using a 4096-byte encryption mechanism in addition to two-factor authentication. One of the software’s drawbacks is that it does not offer users as many tax-loss and asset-management options.


If you are a green investor, then Acorns is an apt choice for you. Acorns give investors a choice of options for getting started. You can set up recurring transfers and you can also round up transactions made on linked credit cards.
Acorns is one of the safest financial platforms, secured with 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication. Acorns blog posts have shaped a perfect source to broaden your knowledge.

The fee schemes are Acorns’ disadvantage. You will be charged $1, $3, or $5 per month depending on how you use the app. A $5 expense is the equivalent of a 5% fee on a $100 investment!


Robinhood is for people who wish to purchase and sell on their own. Unfortunately, Robinhood users are relinquishing some of their rights, as the app does not have managed pension accounts or portfolios. This means that any transactions conducted through it are treated as distinct transactions and are taxed accordingly. Even though it is a simple investment strategy, it is still the finest free method of trading for individuals.


Young investors are particularly fond of socially responsible businesses. To meet this need, Betterment provides the best portfolio for SRAI investment. This brokerage is 42% higher than its core index, compared to its core portfolio and SRII investment market assets. Other assets of Betterment in the SRAI portfolio are mostly large market portfolios.

Betterment has recently broadened its services into two categories: digital betting – with no minimum account balance and 25.0% account management fees – and premium betting. In premium services, the customer receives $ 100,000 in account balance as well as a 40.0 percent fee for unlimited telephone consultation sessions with official financial planners.


This platform is a full-service financial company that combines loan, banking, and investing into a single app.

SoFi Invest, The company’s program for beginners contains financial education and allows you to start small with fractional shares known as “Stock Bits.”


Vanguard is one of the oldest and least expensive platforms. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. This application does not charge any commissions for transactions from users. In addition, users who receive their account documents electronically do not pay any fees for these services.

In addition to investing apps, music streaming apps are popular these days. If you have the question ” How to make a music app?” check our latest blog post.

investing apps

How to make money with investing apps?

Making money has always been a trend in human society. Merchants used to travel to buy and sell goods. Now, the number of shops and stores you’re limited to, comes down to where you live. But as the world is changing, trading behavior is changing as well. The physical barrier is relatively a meaningless concept when most tasks take place online in this digital era. So, it is vital to be familiar with the term “Passive Revenue” if you wish to make money.

The concept of passive revenue

Passive revenue or passive income is the money you earn with minimum physical effort (so even when you are sleeping). There are a plethora of ways, like writing an eBook, creating a course, selling items in a/your e-commerce shop, or investing money in stock. Each requires its own stepping stones for it to reach a good outcome. Important facts to consider can be:

  • Writing down your objectives and the current financial situation
  • Putting concerted effort into long-term investing
  • Pursuing growth strategies


Investing apps have opened up opportunities for beginners, all the way up to professionals, to reap the most benefits out of an investment. These apps emphasize convenience and ease of use, which is encouraging more people to make a deliberate attempt towards investing. In this blog post, we listed the best applications to use, although there are plenty more apps available. Be cautious while taking action. Being a millionaire is a sweet dream that won’t come easy. Therefore, search for the ins and outs of things you should do before pumping money into the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ETF? The term exchange-traded funds (ETF) relates to funds that generally track a specific index. ETF investments is low-risk so they are great choice for beginners.

Are investing apps safe? Yes, in case of any problems you can have your money back from  Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) up to $500,000.

What does SRIA stand for? The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda.

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