Team As A Service (TAAS)

What We Bring

  • Hassle Free Recruitment
  • Handling increasing workload
  • Agility
  • Productivity
Team As A Service (TAAS)

An experienced team of software specialists

Workload balance allows maintaining the quality and productivity of the team. When you need new workers, instead of hiring developers individually, you may consider choosing a team based on their preexisting specialties. At Twelfth Dream, we specialize in Python Django as well as React and React Native. Team as a Service (TAAS) falls under the outsourcing category. TAAS allows software teams to scale work up quickly and efficiently. As a result with TAAS, you can bring in quality teams of workers whenever necessary to help share the load and get the work done with high quality.

Our experienced team of software developers specializes in designing and building custom applications using state-of-the-art development standards. Staying up-to-date with industry trends allows us to deliver the best product to our customers. Therefore, we value our commitment to delivering clean and well-documented code. We follow the Agile SCRUM methodology guidelines, and offer flexible team arrangements.

How it works

Hiring a software team from us brings in a wealth of expertise. Team As A Service (TAAS) allows you to forego many of the challenges that come with starting a team from scratch. Or bringing entirely new members on to your crew. With Twelfth Dream on your team, we’ll handle the expansion of your software development team tailored for your project, freeing you up to focus on your strengths and business strategy.

Instead of adding more in-house members or specialists to your team, you may opt to receive a software Team As A Service (TAAS). With this approach, we dedicate a specific team of developers to you and assign a project manager who oversees the tasks and ensures the job is done and delivered according to plan.

Agile Team As A Service usually includes a full team of UX and UI designers, as well as front-end and back-end specialists. They will be supported by a product owner and project manager. The project type and client needs are vital factors. The specialists added to the team will thus be adjusted accordingly.

Is a Team as a Service (TaaS) the right choice for you?

  • Do you need software specialists for a designated time period only?
  • Would you like to grow your software team while your product is under active development?
  • Is the team not big enough to hire an HR manager to deal with employee issues?
  • Do you have an IT department, but not a software development team?

Never get stuck in expanding your team!

We offer two other working models as defined below, to grant the client the most effective method which works for them.


In the contractor model, the scope of work is clearly defined. Even if it is not, we will go through a discovery phase together to clarify the requirements and the main features of the product. After that, our team will design, build, and deploy the software according to the plan that is laid out. The benefits of outsourcing can be substantial – from cost-savings and efficiency gains to a greater competitive advantage.
Therefore, this Team As A Service (TAAS) model suits clients that know exactly what they need. Thus, they simply want a team to carry out those tasks and deliver based on deadlines. It also gives the client access to an experienced team of developers right from the beginning of the project, and eliminates the need to bring in and put together a whole new team from scratch.


In this model however, Twelfth Dream enters as a part of the team. We are hired and paid a minimum fee that covers only our basic costs. But also, we take a revenue share or share of the company in return. As a result, this working model helps start-ups with cash flows and allows them to have more financial resources to spend on other critical aspects of the business such as marketing and customer acquisition. It also saves time and resources. Above all, the knowledge that we can bring to the table is exceptional as our Case Studies section shows. We have worked on multiple projects and such expertise can be useful to a startup who may need seasoned veterans among their ranks.

In conclusion, we offer flexible work models, and together, we’ll choose which option best suits you and your company. Regardless of the model, we commit to delivering a final product with superior UI/UX and innovative features that will delight the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size and scope of the project, the cost of our services varies between $200 and $55 per hour. We require a minimum of 20 hours per month. Get Estimate

What does TAAS include?

Depending on your needs, our team will include one or more dedicated specialists. The specialists will then be supervised by both a technical manager and project manager. Our team leads are well-equipped to support our developers and ensure iterations are delivered on time. Your invoice will be calculated according to the hours that the specialist(s) work for you.

What happens if a specialist gets sick, leaves the company, etc.?

The specialists are a part of our team. Therefore, they will be supervised and supported by the team lead. For any reason one of our team members can not continue, we will replace them with a new specialist to take over their tasks.

What is the process?

Our development process starts with a discovery session. Here, we will get to know you, your business, and your needs. We aim to gain a better understanding of the scope of your project. Finally, we provide you with a time and cost estimate. Following a 6-step process, we use Agile SCRUM. A software development framework that allows us to address complex adaptive problems. It also allows us to productively and creatively deliver products of the highest possible value.

Each iteration includes: Design, Code, Test, and Deploy. Typically, these activities are repeated in 2-week sprints. Our proven process makes client needs our top priority. After an initial discovery session, we commit to regular deliverables that keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our proven process makes client needs our top priority. After an initial discovery session, we commit to regular deliverables that keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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