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Team As A Service (TAAS)

Get a team of software developers you need when you need

Struggling to find a candidate for your software team who has expertise in multiple areas? Via Team As A Service, TAAS, We can provide you with a multi-skilled and versatile team who can handle multiple tasks with ease.

Building a team that can deliver on deadlines and has the chemistry needed is a challenge. It may take several weeks or even months to find the right fit. Sometimes, not everyone is in it for the long haul. Other times there may be personality clashes and creative differences. However, some tasks or projects cannot wait for that process to be ironed out.

This is where software Team As A Service or simply TAAS has become a go-to for many emerging companies. Instead of going through the recruitment and hiring process and finding the right folks, they find the right team and hire the equivalent to one or more employees from that team. Agile Team As A Service, cuts down on hiring as well as training costs and time, allowing companies to utilize their resources elsewhere.

The Team As A Service approach allows businesses to hire a person supported by a team, with the capabilities of a team. This helps software teams to scale work up quickly and efficiently, because they will hire one person who has multiple skills that often cannot be found in one person. As a result with TAAS, they will bring in quality workers whenever necessary to help share the workload and get the work done with high quality.

How it starts

Whether you need a product designer who knows about backend, or a UI designer who is quite familiar with APIs, Twelfth Dream has your back. You only need to give us the list of the qualifications or the skills that your future employee must have. Even if you are not quite certain about it you may book a quick discovery call with our experts and create that list with us. By the way, at Twelfth Dream, we specialize in Python Django as well as React and React Native.

Depending on the workload and your project timeline, we will agree on the monthly person-hours required to accomplish tasks. Then we find the right person in our team to become a member of your team. This person will work in close liaison with your team. They will participate in your team’s daily, weekly and end of the sprint meetings. They will use our team to perform tasks and make sure the work is delivered according to the plan.

The work always starts with a 2-week sprint. Together we come up with a list of tasks in this initial step. We will also agree on a start date and an hourly rate. It usually takes no more than two weeks for us to allocate resources to your project and start a job. Does this sound familiar?  Doesn’t it sound like a two week notice? With this simple step, your journey to success begins.

What happens next?

At the end of the sprint and only if you are satisfied with the work, you will pay for the hours spent on your project. For example if you hire one UI designer for two weeks (80 hours) with an hourly rate of $45, you will pay $3,600. If you find us to be the right fit for your team, we will be working on a monthly basis. With a 2-week notice, you can plug more developers into your team or unplug them. We have completely explained the cost saving benefits of TAAS in our blog post. If you have any further questions, put a comment below. We will get back to you a.s.a.p.

Who is the Team as a Service (TAAS) right for?

To make the most out of a TAAS offering, an organization would have to be in one of the three categories;

The first, is one looking for a skillset that is currently not available within their own ranks. At Twelfth Dream, our teams are made up of veterans of their respective fields and can perform based on your organizational needs.

The second, is one looking for more hands on deck to meet a certain deadline or release date. In this scenario, the company would not have the ample time to look for these additions, therefore a Team as a Service addition can expand their team in no time. Thus allowing them to extend their workforce and get more done in less time.

The third, is one looking to utilize the budget-friendly and return on investment aspects of the Team as a Service offering. Opting for it cuts down training time, recruitment time, and the need for a full-time staff. Developing everything in-house can be costly at times and the problem with outsourcing to freelancers completely is keeping them on task and on target. Team as a Service is a fantastic way to not only outsource your extra workload, but also do it without adding complexity at the management level.

Is the Team as a Service (TaaS) the right choice for you?

As discussed earlier, developing an in-house team can be a challenge and takes time to perfect. TAAS answers many of the needs a growing company would have. There are a few questions every decision maker needs to think of before giving the go ahead on a TAAS contract such as:

  • Do you need software specialists for a designated time period only?
  • Would you like to grow your software team without losing focus on product development?
  • Is your company not big enough to hire an HR manager to deal with employee issues?
  • Do you have an IT department where software development is not among their strengths?
  • Does one of your software products need enhancements which would then not leave time for new projects?
  • Is your project in a rot and in need of a fresh perspective?

The important factor is doing what is necessary to evolve your project or product. The TAAS model gives you access to the talent needed to get you over the finish line. And without the need to hire and nurture a new in-house team. Have further questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Team As A Service like a recruitment agency? What’s the difference?

When you hire a developer via a recruitment agency, a specific person will be assigned to you. Only the matters relevant to HR will be handled by the agency. On the other hand, with Team As A Service you hire the equivalent to one or more employees as you need. We handle the complexity of the work breakdown behind the scenes.

How much does it cost?

Team As A Service’s price depends on the number of developers you would like to hire and their specialties. Hourly rates start from $45. TAAS requires a commitment for at least 40 hours per month.

What does TAAS include?

Depending on your needs, you may hire the equivalent to one or more dedicated specialists. A project manager will be assigned to you who will become a part of your team. You will get the skillset of a team but pay for the hours just like the way you pay a normal employee.

What happens if a developer gets sick or leaves the company?

The developers are a part of our team. Therefore, they will be working under the supervision of the team lead. If for any reason the developer, assigned to your project can not continue to work, we will replace them with a new developer to take over their tasks.

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