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Technologies We Use

  • React Native
  • Swift Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Sqlite and Realm
  • Firebase
  • Push Notifications
Mobile App

Why a Mobile App?

In an increasingly mobile culture, delivering a smooth mobile experience has become a priority for any growing organization. Mobile app design is a big part of this. With each passing day, a well-rounded mobile app becomes more of a necessity for businesses. Mobile apps offer a strategic opportunity to promote your business and engage directly with your audience. An attractive user interface and a smooth user experience, is at the core of our strategy. Twelfth Dream works to create dynamic mobile experiences that keep your business at the forefront. Staying up-to-date is a must in today’s competitive mobile marketplace. We have worked with many businesses in Vancouver and beyond. The SafetySpect iPAD App and Charlotte’s Newborn Academy are our latest projects that you can check out for reference.

Benefits of a Mobile App

According to recent research, mobile use is on the rise. Applications are available on various app stores such as the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store and many alternative Android appstores. Smartphone users spend upwards of three and a half hours on their mobile devices every single day. As a marketplace, the barrier to entry is lower than other platforms. This is especially true in regions where the population cannot afford a personal computer. Mobile used to be a compromise, but that is no longer the case. Every year, mobile manufacturers announce faster and more adaptable devices. The mobile market continues to have healthy growth. This is a userbase that no business can ignore. By investing in a strong mobile experience, you can better capitalize on valuable customer touchpoints.

There is also the benefit of having your business represented on a platform that is accessible at all times. In the age of information, accessibility is king. Having great search engine optimization (SEO) and showing up on Google’s first page is fantastic! But, what about when the user actually clicks your website? Is there an app for them to be able to go to you directly and not use a browser? Is your website optimized for mobile? Moreover, a lack of these features could be the difference between success or losing out to a competitor. Here are some other benefits a mobile app can offer:

Increase your organization’s access to your audience

Every time your mobile app is installed onto a device, you gain a direct connection to another potential customer. That is why intuitive mobile app design is important. Through tailored content, push notifications, and more, your mobile app expands your reach. It does so by increasing your organization’s access to your audience, and their access to you. Thus, creating a more direct marketing channel. There are capabilities that can help you assess your audience and send out useful campaigns.

Offer a smooth user experience

With a mobile app, your customers can conveniently access your brand from one designated spot. And with access to a full range of device features, their customer experience will be unrivaled. These features include location services, push notifications, mobile payment, and more. Although, every business is need of different features and we have extensive experience with many. We understand that depending on the project, a set of features must be carefully selected. This is to maximize efficiency and effectiveness with the development process. By building a mobile app you can offer your customers an efficient, and convenient experience with your brand.

With a mobile app you can send promotions to your customers instantly

Complement your marketing efforts with push notifications. Push notifications offer a direct channel to your customers  since they are one of the application marketing strategies, they are influential. They allow you to send reminders, promotions, exclusive offers, and more, straight to their phones. This way, your promotional material can be spread effectively and without feeling repetitive. Opening up a whole array of different marketing avenues. Everything depends on your mobile app design. The notifications can similarly be customized to fit your branding.

Offer a rewards or loyalty program

Increase your customer loyalty and engagement with a rewards or loyalty app! This is a vital step to improve customer retention and to thank your most loyal customers. At Twelfth Dream, we have extensive experience as a mobile app development company and have excelled at other app types. We have seen many projects through. Loyalty programs on mobile have a great success rate as they are more widely adopted. They are much more accessible than coupons. You can even remind your customer about their points or rewards with notifications. You can also remind them when they are near your store with location services.

Build a stronger brand presence

With full control over the mobile app design, the choice is yours. This will provide an opportunity to build a stronger brand presence. What’s more, your logo is visible right on your customers’ home screens to keep your brand on top of their mind. It is important for a mobile app developer to understand the key factors that make a business. Brand presence is one such factor. To illustrate, think of the brand presence of any successful business. Their color scheme is displayed throughout the app. For example, every icon or page is set to a back drop containing the primary or secondary colors of the brand. Which goes hand in hand with your marketing blueprints.

Taking advantage of the availability and reach of the mobile market is a no-brainer.  Brand integration into mobile app design is made simpler day-by-day as app development tools evolve. Gone are the days of simple graphics and schematics. Mobile app design becomes more and more intuitive and complex. Therefore, developing a mobile app allows you to take advantage of immense customizability and build the app that your brand needs.

Result: Increase your business!

What We Offer

After an initial discovery session, we’ll determine the best approach for your project. Of course, we offer both hybrid apps and native mobile apps design options.

Hybrid Application Design

Hybrid application development is a common approach for developing mobile apps. Specifically, where the application is designed and built once, and then deployed on multiple platforms. The term hybrid comes from the fact that these applications are usually a combination of web apps in a native shell. This allows them to be accessible on multiple platforms without needing to specifically code for those platforms.

For startups, we understand time to market is one of the key factors to success. As the most time-saving and economical option, we often recommend hybrid application development for new businesses. Since hybrid apps can function with one single coding language and other apps and plugins that make it possible for the app to be accessed on other platforms. An example would be the Wikipedia mobile app.

Our solutions are robust, high-performing, and feature-packed, and are able to address any business requirements. Our team of hybrid app developers are qualified professionals with deep expertise in mobile web development services. Not only is this method timesaving, but it is also cost-effective. Especially since startups need to be frugal with their funding. This method is perfect because the application is developed once and is cross-platform. Making it cost less than the Native Application Design and take less time.

Native Application Design

Native apps, on the other hand, are platform-specialized. In fact, two separate apps are developed and optimized for iOS and Android. Since the application would be tailor-made for each specific platform, it gives users a better experience as it takes advantage of what that platform has to offer. Native apps generally run smoother as well and can be used offline. Coding in the specific language (Swift for iOS and Java for Android) gives developers access to the full range of device features but is almost twice as expensive to build.

By default, we recommend using the hybrid approach, as it takes less time and funds and with many projects it can be just as effective. However, that does not hold true for all projects. Some are big in scope and being natively available on both platforms is crucial to their success. That is why we have a team of experienced iOS and Android developers should cross-platform development not suit your needs.

Is a Mobile App the right choice for you?

There are certain questions that need to be answered before you make that decision. Some are listed below, and Team As A Service (TAAS) will advise you during the discovery phase to ensure you choose the option most suited for you. Twelfthdream is a software development company based in Vancouver.

Here are some questions to answer before deciding which app to choose:

  • Is most of your traffic coming from mobile devices?
  • Do you have frequent users using your website to perform a series of similar actions?
  • Does your target audience regularly check your website to get information and insights?
  • Can you provide your customers with more value or functionalities using device specific features, such as location-based services, notifications, or one-click payment?
  • Are your competitors increasing their business with a mobile app?
  • What are your budget and time constraints?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a mobile app or a mobile-first web application?

By default, users are reluctant to install new apps onto their devices unless they see a value. In an age where apps take up more and more space, users tend to have an app fatigue. Also, it depends on the service being provided. Sometimes, it may be a good approach to start with a web application design and expand to a mobile app down the line.

However, some things you may want to consider are:

  • Do your users use your service on the go?
  • Where is the most of your web traffic coming from – mobile, tablet, or computer?
  • How much does your service rely on device-specific features, such as location services, push notifications, and mobile payment?

At Twelfth Dream, we offer a range of software solutions, including web applications, websites and eCommerce, and mobile apps. Book a complementary discovery session with us today and we’ll help you determine which platform is the right choice for your project.

How much does a mobile app cost?

Depending on the size and scope of your project, the mobile app development cost can from $30,000 to $250,000. After an initial discovery session, we’ll have a better understanding of your project and will be able to provide you with a more accurate quote. Get Estimate

How long does it take?

First, everything depends on the size and scope of your project. For example, it can take anywhere from 4 to 15 months to develop your app to completion. Also, there is a question of complexity. Some projects can achieve incredible results with the simplest features. Not every mobile app has to reinvent the wheel. Every mobile app development company will tell you that no two apps are ever the exact same. Every business has its own specific needs. Getting an expert opinion on the matter never hurts. You can book a discovery session with us so we can discuss your project in greater detail. Then, based on the information at hand, we can provide you with a more accurate timeline.

What is the process?

Our development process starts with a discovery session. First, we will get to know you, your business, and your needs. Our focus is to gain a better understanding of the scope of your project. Thus, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate time and cost estimate. We at Twelfth Dream believe in making the client feel involved. Which is why we believe in providing constant updates and tangible progress. For example, you will see many iterations of the software before anything is set in stone. That way, the software is tailor-made to your needs. Following a 6-step process, we use Agile SCRUM. Which is a software development framework that allows us to address complex adaptive problems. All the while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.

Each iteration includes these phases: Design, Code, Test, and Deploy.  The path is first designed and charted for clear and concise action. Mobile app design is our forte. The coding is then completed based on the goals set for that period. Afterwards, the code is tested and finally, it is deployed. These activities are repeated in usually 2-week sprints. Our proven process makes client needs our top priority. After an initial discovery session, we commit to regular deliverables that keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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