Make Your App Idea Fundable workshop

Having an app idea marks the exciting beginning of a potential journey towards innovation and entrepreneurship. However, the path from initial concept to a thriving app business involves essential steps that pave the way for success. What to do if you have an app idea is a question that many aspiring app creators ponder, and the answers lie in strategic moves that help you navigate this transformative process. 

Whether you are the company president or a key person in the company who needs to convince the board to invest in your app idea, or a business owner who would like to bring your business to the next level by creating a web or mobile that doesn’t exist, or an entrepreneur or industry expert with a brilliant app idea but don’t know how to turn it into a product, this is the workshop for you.

Got an idea for an app, What next?

Upon conceiving your app idea, the first critical step is validation. To determine whether your idea addresses a genuine problem and holds potential, research the market, scrutinize competitors, and understand your target users’ needs. Thorough market research and user feedback provide valuable insights into the feasibility and readiness of your concept.

Assess your app’s differentiation from existing solutions and the value it brings to users. Defining core features outlines its potential impact. Additionally, considering “What to do with an app idea” directs focus to development and resources needed for transformation.

Once your app’s potential is established, securing funds becomes crucial. Gauge whether resources cover development, marketing, and operations. Your funding strategy—personal investment, investors, or crowdfunding—shapes development trajectory.

In the “Make Your App Idea Fundable” workshop, learn to navigate from app idea to thriving business. Explore strategic validation, defining value propositions, and crafting financial plans. The goal is to equip you with insights and skills for fundable app ideas, guiding impactful transformation. Amid uncertainty and innovation, our workshop provides a roadmap for every crucial step.

Main topics covered in this workshop

During this workshop, we will guide you through a comprehensive journey of transforming your app idea into a successful business venture. Here are the main topics that will be covered:

  • Problem Identification
    Learn how to identify and define the core problem that your app aims to solve. 
  • Solution Definition
    Develop a clear and innovative solution to the identified problem. 
  • Target Audience Analysis
    Dive into understanding your target audience’s demographics, preferences, and pain points. 
  • Competitor Analysis
    Explore your top three competitors in the market. Identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Differentiation Strategy
    Learn how to effectively differentiate your solution, highlighting its strengths and setting it apart from the crowd.
  • Feasibility Assessment
    Evaluate the feasibility of building your app. Consider technical challenges, resource requirements, and potential roadblocks.
  • Proof of Concept
    Create a prototype or proof of concept to demonstrate the viability of your app idea. This step helps validate your concept and attract potential stakeholders.
  • Business Planning
    Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your app’s vision, strategy, monetization model, and operational plan.
  • Pitch Deck Preparation
    Craft a compelling pitch deck that effectively communicates your app’s value proposition, market opportunity, and growth potential to potential investors.
  • Fundraising Strategies
    Explore various funding options, including self-funding, investors, and crowdfunding. 
  • Next Steps Planning
    Formulate a strategic roadmap for the next stages of app development and business growth. Set milestones and define the actionable steps needed to bring your app idea to fruition.

Throughout this workshop, you’ll gain practical insights, tools, and techniques to turn your app idea into a well-defined business plan and action strategy. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate the app development journey and bring your idea to life in a way that resonates with your target audience and attracts the necessary support. 

What makes this workshop unique 

Join our exclusive workshop designed for a select group of entrepreneurs, ensuring personalized attention and engagement in small cohorts. Harness the power of shared experiences as you learn from and get inspired by like-minded visionaries who, like you, are eager to transform their app ideas into thriving businesses. Say goodbye to fragmented learning experiences; our workshop offers a holistic approach, covering each topic individually yet ensuring cohesion and seamless integration across the entire entrepreneurial journey. Save time searching for disparate courses because we’ve meticulously curated these essential topics, derived from years of industry experience. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain practical insights and master the strategies that truly matter in turning your app idea into a fundable, successful reality.

  • Small Cohorts
    Experience personalized attention and engagement within our exclusive workshop, designed for a select group of entrepreneurs, no more than 6 people in each. 
  • Learn from Like-Minded Entrepreneurs
    Gain inspiration and knowledge by connecting with fellow visionaries who share your passion for transforming app ideas into successful businesses.
  • Comprehensive Coverage
    Unlike fragmented courses, our workshop offers separate, individual sessions for each topic while ensuring a cohesive learning experience.
  • All-In-One Solution
    No need to search for separate courses; we’ve handpicked and curated these essential topics to guide you through the entire entrepreneurial journey.
  • Years of Experience
    Benefit from our expertise as we share insights derived from extensive industry experience and learning.
  • Holistic Approach
    Dive into key aspects such as problem identification, solution differentiation, audience targeting, and fundraising, all under one workshop.
  • Efficient Learning
    Save time and effort by gaining a comprehensive understanding of critical topics in a short period.
  • Unique Opportunity
    Don’t miss this chance to equip yourself with practical insights and strategies to make your app idea fundable and successful. 

Learning Activities

Throughout the workshop, we’ve carefully designed a range of dynamic learning activities to provide you with a comprehensive and interactive experience. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Lectures
    Engage in informative and engaging lectures delivered by industry experts. These sessions will introduce you to key concepts, strategies, and best practices in each topic area.
  • Discussions
    Participate in lively discussions that encourage you to share your insights, ask questions, and learn from the diverse experiences of your fellow participants. 
  • Case Studies
    Dive into real-world case studies that showcase how successful apps have navigated challenges, differentiated themselves, and achieved growth. Analyze these examples to extract valuable insights applicable to your own app idea. 
  • Working on Your Idea (Main Project)
    A core component of the workshop is dedicated to applying the concepts learned directly to your app idea. You’ll work on your project, receiving guidance and feedback from the mentor and peers. 
  • Group Activities
    Collaborate with your peers in group activities designed to reinforce key concepts. These activities promote teamwork, idea sharing, and creative problem-solving, enhancing your understanding of the topics. 
  • Q&A Sessions
    Engage in Q&A sessions with experts to get clarification on any concepts, strategies, or challenges you encounter throughout the workshop. 
  • Guest Speakers
    Benefit from the insights of guest speakers who bring their industry expertise and unique perspectives to enrich your learning journey. 
  • Peer Feedback
    Last but not least, share your progress with fellow participants and receive constructive feedback. This collaborative approach ensures that you refine your app idea, value proposition, and strategies effectively.

By combining lectures, discussions, case studies, and hands-on project work, our workshop provides a multifaceted learning experience that equips you with practical skills, strategies, and a concrete action plan for turning your app idea into a thriving business.

Means of Assessment

Midterm Examination 15%
Final Examination 20%
Main Project 55%
Participation 10% (Please read the attendance policy)
Upon successful completion (80% in total with min 45% gained by the main project), you will receive a certificate of completion. 

Learning Objectives 

By the end of the “Make Your Idea Fundable” workshop, participants will: 

  • Master Problem Identification: Acquire the skills to identify and define the core problems your app idea aims to solve, setting the stage for creating a meaningful solution. 
  • Craft Effective Solutions: Develop innovative and effective solutions that address identified problems, ensuring your app idea aligns with user needs. 
  • Define Target Audience: Understand how to analyze and define your target audience’s demographics, preferences, and pain points, leading to precise audience targeting and engagement. 
  • Stand Out from Competitors: Learn strategies to differentiate your app solution from competitors, enhancing its value proposition and market appeal. 
  • Evaluate Feasibility: Assess the feasibility of building your app, considering technical challenges, resource requirements, and potential obstacles. 
  • Build Proof of Concept: Create a compelling prototype or proof of concept that demonstrates your app’s viability, attracting potential investors and stakeholders. 
  • Develop Robust Business Plans: Master the art of crafting comprehensive business plans, outlining your app’s vision, strategy, and monetization model. 
  • Craft Compelling Pitch Decks: Learn to create engaging pitch decks that effectively communicate your app’s value proposition, market opportunity, and growth potential. 
  • Navigate Fundraising Strategies: Explore various fundraising options, understand investor perspectives, and develop effective strategies to secure the necessary resources. 

By successfully completing this workshop, participants will be equipped with the knowledge, strategies, and practical skills needed to make their app idea not only fundable but also poised for success in the competitive market.

Fees and hours 

The price for the workshop is $8,000 + 5% GST 

You will be spending a total of 144 hours in this workshop. This includes 72 hours of in-class activities plus 72 hours of work that you must do out of the class. Be prepared! We take it really seriously. Only one absence is allowed. Otherwise you will be removed from the current cohort and will be transferred to the next one. This is a blended program. There will be in-person as well as online classes. For those who are far away we will make accommodations to attend virtually. 

Who is qualified

An ingenious idea and an entrepreneurial drive are essential! Passion and industry expertise are undeniably crucial. If you’ve ever used your computer to design a presentation and work on a spreadsheet, you already possess the technical skills needed for the workshop. We’ll provide you with all the necessary knowledge.

You will also need a laptop or a tablet. 

Application and Registration 

The second week of October (Oct 9th, 2023), the second week of January (Jan 8th, 2034), the second week of April (Apr 8th, 2024), the second week of July (Jul 8th, 2024). 

Now accepting applications for October 2023 until September 27th. 

Apply by sending an email to before the deadline and tell us about: 

  • Who you are,
  • What you do, and 
  • What your idea is (in no more than 140 words). 

The capacity is very limited. There will be an interview with each applicant. We will contact only the applicants who are approved. 

Tuition fee must be paid in full within two business days upon approval. 

Meet the tutor

Guiding this enriching workshop is Mahdi Sahebnasagh, a dynamic professional known for his multifaceted roles as the founder of Twelfth Dream, a seasoned senior product designer, and a skilled business analyst. Blending his comprehensive understanding of both the business and technical realms, Mahdi possesses a unique ability to bridge communication gaps between these domains. With a noteworthy track record as a co-founder of successful startups such as Kindermeals and Upplery, he brings a wealth of firsthand entrepreneurial experience to the table.

Mahdi holds a distinguished academic background, boasting a Master of Science in Control Engineering. His journey in the software and IT industry spans over two decades, making him a seasoned veteran in navigating its intricacies. Beyond his technical prowess, Mahdi’s true passion lies in problem-solving. He is driven by the ambition to craft innovative software products that resonate deeply with users, fostering a seamless and engaging experience.

Throughout this workshop, Mahdi’s insights, drawn from his diverse career and entrepreneurial ventures, will serve as a guiding light for participants seeking to transform their app ideas into fundable and successful ventures. His expertise in design, technical intricacies, and user-centric approach will empower attendees to navigate the complex landscape of app development with confidence and creativity.

Some of the latest projects he has been working on are A payment platform for a freight forwarding community as well as the communities app, An app to teach hand embroidery and A portal for an online interior design firm. 

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

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