How to set smart website conversion goals and skyrocket your results

Many businesses have converting websites. Successful websites are the final product of a chain of events, where every step affects the result. That is when thinking, planning, and making strategies is a crucial thing in converting websites. If you think you have done the three phases but have failed to reap the benefits, reading this blog post can help you.

We are going to take a look at the concept of conversion rate. SMART website goals definition is the second subtopic to grasp. And ultimately, you will be informed of the common practices that converting websites have in common. So, let’s dive in.

What is a conversion rate?

In converting websites, a conversion rate is an outcome of all the techniques and strategies that convert clicks into value. The usefulness of the stream of clicks driven to a website varies depending on the business’s objectives. For instance, an eCommerce shop aims to increase the number of products purchased, while for a newbie business, the goal is to make a meaningful database of visitors’ information via a contact form. The very first step in improving the conversion rate is building a well-designed website that loads fast. So, if you are at the stage of planning a website for your niche, reading our article on “website design” can be useful.

What is a good conversion rate?

It is not possible to respond vividly to this question. A good conversion rate differs depending on the industry, country, and business model. An average conversion rate is estimated to be 2 to 5 percent, regardless of the business type. But the average is not fine when competing with rivals. Generally speaking, a good conversion rate is above 10%. To reach a figure, the adoptable tactic is taking advantage of ads on platforms such as Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Moreover, Google Analytics service gives a profound contribution into managing campaigns so you can compare past to present.

How to measure conversion rate?

A simple formula to calculate conversion rate is dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors and multiplying that number by 100. For example, when 1000 people visited your website yesterday and 10 of them filled your contact form, your website has a 1% conversion rate.

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The definition of SMART website conversion goals

Your goals need to be definite so you can refer to them as the pathway to success. Specific implies you are aware of what you are going to do with design, functionality, and content to fulfill the website’s goals. Being Measurable is another facet to consider. After meticulously planning everything, it’s time to figure out whether they are accomplished or not. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are sources to evaluate the overall website performance. For example, tracking campaigns is a popular strategy with Google Analytics. Be realistic. All the goals that you have wet should be Achievable. This includes the goals you have for your website, as well as other ones. For example, ranking among the top five sites in SERP in just a month may not be realistic, since improving website SEO is a time-consuming process. Are your goals worth the effort? Are they Relevant to the company’s overall vision? 

Humans work better with a Time-bound. Setting a deadline is a beneficial thing to mange workflow.

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Common practices that successful websites share

A good landing page

A landing page is a single page with the sole purpose of encouraging visitors to take actions. Actions can be buying a product or a service, Keeping sales and advertising campaigns’ objectives in mind, landing page design influence, or most importantly, decreasing or increasing the conversion rate. Layout the page so that the heading can be vividly seen. List the benefits of the product and include social proof with high-resolution pictures and videos. Also, do not forget to implement call-to-action buttons.

Live chat implementation

Live chat is a real-time channel of communication conveniently contributing customers and businesses to interact online. In comparison to email or even phone calls, online chatbot is a faster alternative. Better customer relationships and support elevate reliance on a brand. According to statistics, users share a higher tendency to buy something after a live chat conversation.

Using colours and visuals effectively

The role of colours goes beyond the aesthetic look of a website. They are used to strategically provoke emotions. Colour is an energy that influences the soul. It is important how to effectively employ contrast and color pallets to deliver your message, because it is one of the leading factors that puts the first impression. Red, blue, green, purple, black, and orange are unisex colors. For instance, the BBC logo is similarly basic, with a sophisticated black style that conveys authority and respectability, befitting a world-class broadcaster.

Killer call to action buttons

Call To Action (CTA) buttons are crucial elements on a webpage that persuade users to take actions, such as signing up. In terms of digital marketing, CTAs are vital. For instance, with a share on social media CTA, the chances of broadening a blog’s posts elevate. Great CTAs have:

  • Eye-catching design with a bright color
  • Five or less words 
  • A visible place
  • An imperative format

Welcoming changes and website maintenance

All software products (including a website) demand dedicated support. Maintenance is the last step of the 6 part process we have to develop a product at Twelfthdream. It’s a nonstop process. Technology brings updates to build more live software, and it affects users’ tastes. 


Now that you know the path to victory, it’s time to take action. Remember, this is a never-ending and challenging process. Some people succumb to the pressure or fizzle out to focus and re-evaluate the process. Asking for help is necessary in case of problems. An experienced team can be your savior. Twelfth Dream Team as a Service may be the one that can save you. Based in Vancouver, Canada, we deliver the best products to you by employing the most advanced technologies. Feel free to contact us and book a free discovery call here.

Frequently Asked questions

Is it free to use Google Analytics and search console? These tools by Google are free.
Why do some websites rank higher in search results? Search engine optimization, content quality, and user engagement improve a website’s position on SERP.
How much does it cost to build a responsive website? Various factors influence the price of website development. But at least a minimum budget of $2000 is needed.

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