11 ways you can make money online

More and more people are thinking about ways to make money online at a more rapid pace. There are loads of ways to let you earn revenue with less effort and time. Because this is 2023, educational platforms contribute to you on how to commence and proceed. Moreover, a laptop or even a mobile phone and a solid internet connection are all you need to start the journey. On the other hand, after the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, some people have succeeded in launching an online business. Therefore, not only pandemic-related restrictions but F2F problems have not been a setback for virtual business formats.
That is why the question “how to make money online” is Twelfthdream’s focus for today. There are some tested approaches that we will discuss in this blog post. Keep reading to find out.

#1 Taking money surveys

Some market research companies recruit new members to fill out online surveys for cash. Best paid survey sites:

  • Branded surveys
  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • OnePoll

Remember to never pay to take online surveys. Furthermore, sometimes it takes a longer time to build your points and receive compensation.

#2 Blogging on a website

Do you have a way with words?

Are you a savvy tech follower?

Are you a traveler, a cook, a repairsman, etc.?

It does not make a difference about what you do. if you have interesting content, people will welcome it with open arms. Once you have a website, particularly when backboned by SEO, you have a high chance to engage more and more audiences with creative content. Engagement opens new opportunities for implementing monetization gates, like advertising, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorships, and selling products.

#3 Starting an eCommerce shop

The world of eCommerce is lucrative. As people living in the 21st century, we are getting used to buying from online stores more than before, since saving time is vital in this fast-paced world. Besides cost-saving benefits for the business itself, an eCommerce website has a chance to reach a bigger range of audiences, because it is not limited to a geographical location. Decide on what to sell. Pick the right platform, website, PWA, or mobile app. Deploy the proper marketing techniques, and in short time, you’ll make a profit.

Indeed, TwelfthDream is by your side. If you need help picking the appropriate platform, you can schedule a free discovery call here.

#4 Becoming a Youtuber

YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform. Some YouTube figures are as famous as Hollywood celebrities. With this mindset, Youtube can be an ideal way to make money and gain popularity. Firstly, join the YouTube Partner Program to submit a monetization request. Secondly, consider YouTube as an eCommerce where merchants sell products through channels. Stating the obvious, YouTube is free, which implies users do not pay to watch video content. Why not let your audience fund you?

By using platforms like youtube, you can with brands. No one can deny the power of the word of the mouth. No matter what the platform is, influencers significantly impact whether people make a purchase or not. As a creator, you can negotiate the right deal with brands and find a good choice.

make money online

#5 Selling courses online on a website

As a software development company, we have seen how making online courses have transformed a local business. Look at Charlotte’s New Born Academy case study on our blog. Many learners prefer online courses because they are accessible anywhere, anytime, and users can re-watch them without hesitation. The market is vast. Buyers pay for written, audial, and video lessons to elevate their personal and career development. It could happen on eLearning websites such as Udemy or the creator’s educational system.

#6 Starting a podcast

Is podcasting a lucrative business? How much money do podcasters make? The answers vary, depending on people’s decision to listen to it or not. As a result, it is not recommended if generating income in a short time is the objective. However, starting a podcast requires almost nothing; a smartphone is enough. All you need to do is record, edit, and upload files on podcast hosting platforms like PodBean, Spotify, and Anchor.

#7 Freelancing

Being a skilled professional, working on your own enhances your work-life balance and the money you make. Depending on the type of work, freelancers are being paid differently. However, five factors influence freelance pricing:

  • Years of experience
  • Specific skill sets
  • Education and training
  • Proven deliverables
  • Location

#8 Creating apps and websites

Developing websites, mobile apps, and virtual products generate money for developers, coders, UI and UX designers. However, many variables affect the annual income of a software engineer, such as experience, resume, location, job title, etc. Consider location, for example. A junior software developer earns $69,354 per year in the USA, while in India, the figure is $6794. Timing is another facet. Coding demands expertise. It takes at the least a couple of weeks to learn a programming language. Therefore, making money using this strategy takes time.

make money online

#9 Joining the stock market

Stock marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money online. It takes just 15 minutes to open a brokerage account. Furthermore, unlike some people might think, newbie marketers don’t need a tremendous amount of money to start investing, even $10 is enough. That is why affiliate marketing has soared in popularity. Everyone can join the system. But, it is better to know that the investment system follows some fundamental rules, so getting to know them is a giant leap toward reaching your goals.

#10 Becoming an influencer

Influencers with thousands of followers on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Tiktok, significantly impact buying decisions of flocks of people (their digital empire). For this reason, many small and big businesses, including famous brands, collaborate with them to endorse their products.
It is estimated that the earnings of an influencer with 50000 followers are approximately between 40000$ and 100000$.

#11 Signing up for a gig-working platform

Have a full-time job but want to make more money? With platforms like Fiverr, you can find a part-time job and work remotely in telecommute format. Side gig platforms open up new opportunities for people with different talents to find a job based on passion, including writing, accounting, business managing, coding, and more.


Throughout this post, we mentioned the most popular ways. You can look for more ideas if what you like is not on the list. Do some research first, and then opt for the one that meets your financial condition, interests, and skills. Which idea did you find appealing to yourself? Put a comment below and let us know.


What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization refers to the approaches which make a website rank higher on search engine result pages.

Which one is better, PWA or website? It depends on a business’s objectives. Websites are usually cheaper to develop. However, with a PWA, a company benefits from the features of an app and a website.

What are learning sites? Thanks to the Internet, we can educate ourselves without being physically present in class. With e-learning websites, learners have access to millions of fruitful educational files. Top learning sites include Udemy, Linkedin learning, Code Academy, and Alison.

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