How to make a social media app?

Mobile apps, the phenomenally successful means of communication, used to be a crazy idea to dream up. Look at our life now! We use applications on our wireless gadgets every day. One type of app that is commonly used are social media apps. You must for sure be familiar with some of them, likewise Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Signal. A majority of people use these apps daily for hours, since they entertain people, which is why their popularity is increasing everyday. But the big question is, how do you make social media app? Walk with TwelfthDream in this article. We offer a simple approach to the topic for you to easily understand.

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What is social media?

The concept of social media is not anything new, however, its role has become bolder in recent years. It can help build up a social network of people. For instance, it’s helped in building the network of professional contacts. Social media makes communication more straightforward. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, with a computer-based app, we can make a virtual network of people.

Information exchange is the most important aspect of social media. Users can share photos, videos, Gifs, and documents. It is one of the world’s most popular topics these days, and since it has a profound impact on your business, deploying the best techniques can tremendously lead to success. Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc can help open up new opportunities for you, if you use them wisely. If you need help is doing so, you can contact us. TwelfthDream knows the ropes.

The importance of social media

Why is social media so influential? The short answer is that because of it, communication can be done from anywhere in the world with the minimum budget. Let us elaborate on it more.

On one hand, these platforms are an apt choice to earn money. They can help increase the number of people who know about your company and are aware of it. Also, a strategy can be identifying your target audience. This is very useful, since some jobs don’t necessitate physical presence. Furthermore, some people use these platforms to generate passive income. You simply share a post and include a link to the website’s selling page.

To put it in another way, social media apps will help in:

  1. Growing your audience
  2. Creating a community
  3. Building a brand authenticity
  4. Availing your brand from social posts
  5. Building brand awareness

You now understand the significance of having a social media presence. As a business, you can create one, and there are a lot of ways to profit from it, such as advertisement or subscription plans.

How to make a social media app

Different types of mobile apps


The world is a big place. There are nations, cities, and individuals. Like native Canadians, people from a region are native to that field. Now consider the world of mobile app design. There are Operating Systems (OS) for mobile phones, for example, Android and iOS, and each application is native to an operating system. Native apps are installed on the device, and they are downloadable from app stores. They can also take advantage of device features like GPS and Bluetooth.


  • They support different APIs
  • They have a higher level of security and speech when compared to other app types
  • They have multi-touch functionality
  • They can be developed by JavaScript, Java, and C#
  • They have a better user experience (UX) design


You’ve undoubtedly seen people of a mixed race. Those whose mothers are from one place and their fathers are from another. Therefore, they inherit a mixture of characteristics of people from both places. Hybrid or so called cross-platform applications are web applications in a native shell. So, they leverage native features and device hardware like camera, GPS, and push notifications. Features web apps cannot have. HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS are the three main technologies involved. Alike native apps, you can download cross-platform apps from app stores.


  • They are compatible with a wide range of operating systems
  • Hybrid applications are typically coded only once, which helps developers save money and time.
  • Due to their integrated features, hybrid applications usually find their users quickly, making them appear quickly in mics like Google Play and Play Store.


PWA stands for progressive web app. Google introduced the Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in 2015. A Progressive Web App is a website that looks like a mobile app. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are technologies in PWA design.


  • These applications are responsive and quite flexible
  • Some of them can be used even offline or at slow internet speeds
  • They do not require installation and complex download steps, and can be easily shared using a single URL unlike native apps

If you do not know how to develop an app, let us know. Twelfth Dream team knows the ropes.

How to create a social media app?

Design, development, and launch are the three stages of every app design. You can build a minimum viable product to test your app. Begin with basic features and check how they work.

Here are three ways to build a social media app:

  1. Using online application builders like AppPie
  2. Choosing a mobile app development company to code it
  3. Coding the app yourself

Likewise, messaging apps social media apps resemble similar functions. If you are interested in developing a messaging platform, then read how to make a messaging app?

How to make a social media app

Why does a social media platform need a mobile app?

Why invest in a mobile app? Mobile app versus a mobile website: Which to invest in first?

While making your decision, the question above may have come to mind. For a variety of reasons, putting social media ideas into an app is preferable. Mobile users spend 88 percent of their time on apps and only 12 percent of their time on websites. As a result, they appear to be more popular. Users can customize the app’s atmosphere. They can choose the theme and personal details such as their profile picture. Furthermore, they choose whether or not to receive push notifications. Also, as previously mentioned, you can take advantage of device features by creating an app.

The bottom line

Making a social media app is a sparkling idea. Not only does it have lots of fans, but also, you can make money out of it very easily. You should mind your steps in mobile app design. Be cautious! Plan your journey in every detail. From the origin to the destination if you are seeking success.
In the end, if you are looking for a mobile app development company to do you so, we are here. TwelfthDream Team As A Service (TAAS) puts a concerted effort into your product design. Loyalty is a sine qua non in our team spirit. Rise and shine. Invest in your idea, and we will have your back. Book a discovery session here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to build a social media app? It’s not simple to estimate the overall cost of app development since it depends on the app features, the chosen platform, etc. However, for a simple application design, you need to have a minimum budget of 5000 dollars.

How can I make money out of a social media app? There are some general ways to make money out of an app, for example, in-app purchases, subscription plans, advertisements.

What are free online app builders? Android Studio, Appy Pie, AppMySite, NativeScript, etc.

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