How to make a music app?

Music calms us down, cheers us up, and provokes our emotions. Not long ago, we used to listen to tracks on MP3 players. Now the situation is different. Living 2023 days when technology is on its edge, smartphones are inseparable parts of our lives. With these intelligent gadgets, we perform multiple jobs. One of them is listening to music. Thanks to mobile app design, listeners can access millions of music, podcasts, and audiobooks online. Therefore, without carrying the weight of a Walkman all day, we can listen to high-quality music.

Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora are giant streaming apps that have dominated the market. However, the number of music apps are countless. Apart from user benefits, app design brings value to owners as well. With this data in mind, let us answer the question, “how to make a music app?” in this article. Keep reading to find out.

The market overview

Mobile apps suit the convenience of the modern life. Streaming services are not excluded. Here are some facts about music apps:

  • The USA is the herald in terms of users and revenue
  • A whopping 46% of users pay for premium accounts.
  • 20% of users prefer a mobile-friendly web experience, whereas 80% prefer a smartphone app.
  • By 2023, it is anticipated that the global music streaming market will reach $10 billion.

A type of social media platform

Communication is the key in 2023. The three pillars of social media platforms are audience outreach, audience development, and audience engagement. From a business and marketing perspective, the target audience is willing to promote the business with the right social media tactics and strategy. In the environment of a music app, sharing music, leaving comments for tracks, or posting lip-synces to the app all help enhance the reputation of music while entertaining and bringing the target audience closer to the platform.

How to make a music app?

Core features

Notification system

Inform your audience about upcoming events, the hottest music news, or new songs from their favorite musicians. They will be pleasantly notified of you through notifications, which will also convey helpful updates.

Ease of use (UI and UX design)

Your streaming app’s design should be simple to use and intuitive. All facets of an end-engagement for users with an app are considered to be a part of user experience.

Music library

Any music application’s user interface should prioritize making it easy and convenient to create playlists.

Data storage

All music may be kept in the cloud, freeing up local storage for other data types while providing fast access to users’ collection from anywhere.

Top music streaming apps


Spotify is the biggest name in the music streaming app market. The app has significantly boomed, with 345 active users and more than 100 million premium users every month. Despite having been around since 2008, it has had rapid growth, especially with rivals like Apple Music and Pandora. With limitless access to millions of songs, podcasts, and audiobooks, Spotify offers several services for both free and paid accounts. Some of its features are as follows:

  • Stream music offline by saving it.
  • Recover a playlist that was erased
  • Make a playlist
  • Add songs not already on Spotify
  • Transfer music from other applications
  • Sort your now-playing queue

Apple Music

Although it is an Apple product, an Android app is also available. Apple Music satisfies consumers’ expectations with a variety of preferences thanks to a user-friendly ecosystem, listening to local radio stations, about 100 million music, availability in 100 countries, and compatibility with iOS and Android devices. The app is not just limited to that. Its other characteristics include:

  • playlists can be saved and edited.
  • Automatic downloads
  • Reducing downloads to improve storage
  • Jumping to an album or artist from now Playing
  • Reading lyrics for songs
  • Customizing the library screen


Formerly known as Savage Beat Technologies, Pandora has its fans and advocates. Pandora claims to have over 55 million users. Similar to its two previous rivals, Pandora avails its users to get the most out of the app with premium features. Three categories of pricing schemes exist in the app:

  • Plus
  • Premium individual
  • Premium


  • You can discover new music based on songs or artists
  • Alexa and Pandora can be used together
  • Pandora offers comprehensive music information

How to make a music app?

How can you make a music app?

The stages involved in all app development procedures are the same, although there are some unique issues with regard to the creation of music streaming apps.

Software development and mobile app design undergo a six-step process:

  • Discover (Finding out information about the project in detail and whether it is technically feasible or not)
  • Design (Indicating the prototype to clients)
  • Code (Writing the code using programming languages such as python, React, etc.)
  • Test (Making sure everything goes fine after the development phase)
  • Deploy (Delivering the product to the market)
  • Maintain (Monitoring app performance and implementing changes over time)

Twelfth Dream Team As A Service (TaaS) follows the above steps to develop a flawless product as the client’s budget and time allow.

Music app development considerations

  • Getting a license: Users in streaming services can listen without making a purchase, so public performance right is essential.
  • Data storage: Music track sizes occupy space in data systems. Therefore, having a streaming-capable back-end server like AWS can be beneficial.

Ways to make money

The top 200 apps on app stores generate an estimate of $82,500 per day in revenue, and the top 800 make an estimate of  $35,000 per day, which represents a reasonable return. If an application failes to generate money, its owners will not be satisfied. Not only do they need money to continue the business, but also the app itself necessitates maintenance over time to meet the need of users, which adds more cost.

There are loads of monetization tactics to deploy. In this section, we mention the most famous ways.


Almost all of us have seen in-app advertisements. In the music app environment, they emerge between the tracks. Sometimes when it is too much, it bothers the audience. But most users sustain the interruption when the app meets their needs and smoothly functions. In what ways will you be paid?

  • Per-view
  • Per-click
  • Per-purchase

Running ads can be a double-eged sword, because app owners must choose the right advertising network that suits them and their target market the best.

Subscription plans

The second approach to earning on an app is through subscription methods. To continue using the app, users must purchase a plan.
Stating the obvious, you’d better do solid market research at first. So, you can fill the gaps in the market and find your selling proposition.
Businesses get paid for monthly and annual subscriptions. This revenue model generates passive income, equivalent to making money without actively working, even when you are sleeping.

Premuim features

In this model, an app can be downloaded for free, but mau demand paying to make extensive use of all its capabilities. For example, in order to have music lyrics live or avoid watching ads, you will need to pay for a monthly subscribtion


Now you have somewhat of an idea about making a music app. Act carefully. Always put yourself in the audience’s shoes. What do they expect from an app? What are the features that even popular apps lack? If you are a developer, begin the process by doing research. And if you are an investor, picking a professional development team first can help you out. Twelfthdream is one of them. We have conducted various projects for our clients in Vancouver and beyond. Check out our case studies. Furthermore, you can book a free discovery call to let you and us know more about each other here. In the end, the choice is yours!


What is a prototype? A basic model known as a prototype aids inventors in identifying problems and improvements that need to be made to their designs.

How much does it cost to make a music app? It really depends on the features and the design of the app. But at least a minimum budget of $10000 is required.

How much does it cost to license a song for an app? It depends on the artist. It could be $100 for one and thousands for the other.

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