How to make a car rental app?

In this digital era, offering a software solution for a business has the power to profoundly transform it. Thanks to mobile applications and websites, almost everything takes place at a rapid pace, therefore a mobile strategy can open up new opportunities for you, since smartphones are half the soul of every individual. On the other hand, statistics have shown that the car rental industry is booming. By the end of 2022, the average profit is predicted to be more than 40 billion dollars. So, you can profit a lot from launching a car rental app. Travelers and tourists avail themselves of the online services provided in the app. So, they would put more time for pleasurable joys than wasting time in car rental agencies. But how to develop an app for car rental?

Let us delve into the topic.

What is a car rental app?

Car rental applications are online platforms running to suit the convenience of the customers. But it’s also important,  app versus website: Which to invest in first? This article can help you choose which one is better. Especially after the emergence of the Coronavirus and the pandemic that has impacted niches from all types, an application strategy is vital. With car-sharing mobile applications, clients can search, compare, and opt for the details between all the options of cars open to them and avoid unnecessary calls. The method is very similar to what has been offered in taxi app development. Consider booking a cab in Uber for example. People can see all the available vehicles near them, apply their preferable filters, then book their uber.

Car rental app

How does it work?

Sign up

Sign up and sign-in are two interchangeable terms used for account authentication in every app. There are two methods to follow. Connecting a social media account is a quick way to join the platform or enter personal information such as an address, a credit card number, and a driver license number.

Navigation system

Take advantage of the GPS receiver in mobile phones for users to be able to easily locate the available cars around, like a cakewalk. When it comes to accessing smartphone features like camera and GPS, hybrid apps are the heralds in the mobile app design environment. If you are not familiar with the concept of hybrid apps, then we recommend reading our article about them.

Payment method

Consider incorporating a reputable online payment gateway, such as PayPal. To make it easier for users, almost every face-to-face action should be coded in the app. Encourage them to use the app to its full potential. For example, customers can use a discount code when paying online to reduce the cost.

Vehicle identification

Describe the car in as much detail as possible. Users are keen to know more about the car model, the color of the car, the number of seats it has, and the feedback of the former drivers. In this way, they can compare each item to one another and make the best choice.

Push notification

What is a push notification? A push notification is a pop-up message sent from an app to the mobile screen, usually the top section. Push notifications are highly beneficial tools for marketing strategies. For instance, informing customers of the latest car updates, the booking status, discounts, or loyalty programs.

car rental app

Types of car rental apps and renting methods

Traveling: Because public transportation is expensive and time-consuming, most tourists prefer to explore sights by using cars rather than public transportation.

Personal use: At the very least, you’ve had a car breakdown and have no idea what’s wrong with it. That’s when you’d rather rent a car to solve your problem as quickly as possible until you can get back in your car.

Driving around the town: The third app type is similar to the second, but it is limited to each city. It’s a fantastic strategy for increasing bike usage. Because the rides are short, it is a convenient way to get to this environmentally friendly vehicle.

What are the features of a car rental app?

In-app voice calls: Making in-app calls is a requirement in car rental apps to contact the car rental agency instead of switching to contacts or phone calls.

Customer relationship management chat box: In order to run a successful business, keeping in touch with customers should be your top priority. Communication is made easier by including a chat box at the bottom of the application’s page. Users can easily contact the support team because it is easily accessible.

Camera access: There are two things a camera can help with in a car rental app. Firstly, when users want to book a car and confirm their reservation, they must scan their documents. Secondly, if something happens to the car during the trip, the phones camera can be used to send photos of it.

Recruiting drivers: In addition to the car catalogue, you can provide a list of drivers in case the user prefers someone else to drive the car for a special occasion such as a business meeting.

Cost calculator: This feature estimates the rental cost for a specific period of time. So, users can choose according to their budget.

Top three car rental apps

Founded in 2009, Getaround is an eminent car rental app with state-of-the-art technology. It is available for iOS and Android in the app stores. It has a good ranking and has become a market reference by providing safe connections, convenience, and cost-effective vehicles. Getaround’s car sharing app includes features such as scheduling car rentals for different lengths of time (hours or days), a variety of brands (including the most modern brand, Teslas), and instant booking.

Pick a car you want, wherever, whenever with Turo. Currently, it provides 800 automobile models from trucks to SUVs in more than 5000 cities across the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Turo is a pioneer in the industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot implementation facilitises more meaningful interactions with guests. Furthermore, applying discounts for cars reserved seven days in advance is allowed.

Enterprise Rent-a-car gives users a happy and fulfilling booking experience via a voice communication system. Pick a destination and plan your trip before renting the car. There are more than 7000 locations all around the world, which are easy to find on Google map.

The bottom line

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We have got used to these sophisticated gadgets to handle daily routines and outdoor activities. A car rental app is a fresh, brand-new idea to deploy to keep up with this fast-paced life more than before. Delivering a smooth experience in the app is a great way for a company to move forward. Therefore, hiring a professional mobile app development company with absolute certitude can be very important. With an over 95% client satisfaction rate, TwelfthDream has proven to be an excellent choice for people. Team As A Service (TAAS) helps you foster a sense of community, embracing everyone matching your business’s characteristics and persona. Let us do it for you, and we will make delicious moon pies for iOS or Android.

Feel free to contact us and share your app idea. We will have your back.


How to promote a car rental app? Application marketing is as important as developing. Planning a marketing campaign or offering discounts are two strategies you can leverage to broaden the audience and make more money.

How much does it cost to develop a car rental app? There is not a solid answer to this question. Since factors such as the app’s features, the software development team, the application complexity affect the price. For an exact estimate, you can book a discovery call at Twelfthdream.

Should I make a car rental app for iOS or Android first? Android is a better choice because the community of Android users surpasses iOS.

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