How to develop an app – the step by step process

Mobile apps and the virtual internet world have changed our lives. We pay, buy, communicate, read, and practice with applications from many categories. As a business owner or investor, your time should be your most valuable asset. We have all heard the saying, time is money. These days, customers look for services and products on their smartphones. Therefore, one way to attract and grow an audience is with an app. Undoubtedly, an app can open up new opportunities for your business. Especially, if you have deployed the right application marketing strategies. Finding information on the question “how to develop an app”, is a piece of cake. However, filtering the obtained info is not that easy. To help you with the topic, in this article, we offer you the process and details of designing a mobile app.

How to develop an app: The start point

Apps are everywhere. Millions of apps are available on the App Store, Google Play, and other alternative Android app stores. So, there is a stiff competition in the market when it comes to achieving success. If you want to take advantage of an app, you need to seek the key features that can make your app unique. That is the point.

UI design, simplicity, and easy navigation are three primary features of a great app. But how does one develop an app that shines?

Here are the best approach steps:

  1. Setting a goal
  2. Strategising
  3. Design and development
  4. Defining a framework
  5. Developing the app
  6. Testing various options
  7. Understanding the process
  8. Getting feedback on the app and everything about it
  9. Testing the app then running it
  10. Testing the app in a focus group
  11. Launch the apps Beta version
  12. Release the final version of the app

At TwelfthDream, we follow a similar process. We use Agile Scrum, which is a software development framework. First, we hold a discovery session with our clients to know more about their business. It helps us and our customers to estimate the scope of the project, and the mobile app development costs. After that, a designated Team As A Service (TAAS) carries out the other phases. We go through designing the app, coding it, testing it, deploying it, and we even continue to maintenance the app. Our case studies can show the quality we offer. Developing apps that simply work is what we do. You can Book a discovery call here.

Objectives and strategies

What is important to note is that just because your competitors have built apps, doesn’t mean you can’t easily do the same thing. Marketing strategies vary in businesses. Finding the optimal marketing strategies for your business is one of the pillars of app development process. If the company and the application’s marketing strategies do not match, they could diminish your goals.

Having an application marketing strategy has a lot of benefits:

  • It reduces the amount of required training
  • Offering a capital return rate of up to 74 percent is made possible
  • It leads to customers’ satisfaction
  • It improves quality, value, productivity, employee efficiency, and customer engagement

Ask the following questions from yourself:


  1. is the main goal of the app?
  2. methods are you going to use to make your app more appealing to users?
  3. problem do you intend to solve by creating it?
  4. distinguishes you from others?

The market may be awash with similar apps like the one you are planning to develop. But your efforts will not be in vain. Look for items that rivals may have left behind. You will come up with great app ideas. Xiaomi Inc. is a good example. When they officially started in 2011, Apple and Samsung were booming. But now, it has over 3000 employees and millions of customers all around the world.

Design (UI design)

Now it’s time to turn your idea into a reality. The design of your app should look nice and professional, and it should be done with no rush.

You have various options for mobile app development ahead of you. You could do it yourself using free app design tools. If you are a graphic designer or you have a graphist in your company, you could use that for this part of the process. Otherwise, we do not recommend doing it on your own, it would be better by choosing a team of specialists.

No matter what you want, you can always ask professionals. Consult. Discuss all the minor details. That is why at TwelfthDream, a Vancouver-based mobile app development company, we hold a discovery call with all our clients. We have a team of specialists who conduct multiple services for customers from all markets. One of them is mobile app development. Native mobile apps, PWAs, hybrid apps (Cross-platform apps), and web application designing. Our TAAS service deploys cutting-edge technology such as Reactjs, Django, and Swift to design apps. For instance, in taxi app development, we can design apps like Uber. If you are looking for a mobile app development company, you can contact us and/or book a discovery call. Our Team As A Service packages will surpass your expectations.

how to develop an app

Application development process

Do not confuse users with the complex user interface design process. They want to be able to quickly access everything in the app. Opt for a simple and functional template. Pay attention to fonts and colors, and read a bit about color psychology. If you choose the wrong colors and fonts, users will gradually stop using the app.

Consider the visual hierarchy and the weight of each one of your apps’ elements. Each element must be the correct size and dimensions to get up to your expectations.

After you’ve taken note of everything, you can begin technically developing and coding the app for iOS and/or Android.

How to develop an app

Testing the app

You should begin developing your app with a small group of people. Get feedback on the app. Tackle the issues. After that, release the Beta version and ask users to leave comments for you. Then, analyze the audiences’ reviews, comments, and feedback. In other words, solve the application’s bugs. Do not underestimate the comments users put, since each of them can help elevate the app’s functionality.

After doing so, the procedure will be complete, and you can launch the final app. Upload your app on the app stores.

Wrapping up

Mobile phones are everywhere. We use these tiny devices to conduct tasks. Therefore, employing mobile app strategies will have a tremendous effect on your business’ ability to offer something new. Now that you know all the nuts and bolts on this subject, you should step forward into the process of app development, if you think it can help your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you upload an app on the Google play store? Submitting your app on the Google play store is the very last step. In our article about it, we  provide a simple, step-by-step process. If you face any problems, leave a comment below.

Can I use ready-made templates?

This can be possible depending on the type of application and the items you intend to put in it. However, ready-made templates may not have everything you need. Hence, you will need to personalize them.

What software should I use for application design?

First, take a piece of paper and a pen. Then, start designing the mobile apps’ appearance. For a computer simulation, employ Photoshop and such softwares. After that, follow all the mentioned steps on how to develop an app, because the software you should use depends on the apps’ features.

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