How to choose the right mobile app development company for your project

Mobile app design means building an optimized software for smartphones, which allows users to take advantage of features and the particular product’s hardware. Users spend 90% of their time on various mobile apps. Phones are popular these days, therefore, applications have become an essential component of many businesses. In the rapid market evolution, finding a mobile app development company can help your business grow faster.

Criteria for selecting the right mobile app development company

 The criteria for selecting the right mobile app development company

Many factors influence choosing a mobile app development company:

Costs and other necessities

  1. Deploying a specialized technical team (TAAS)
  2. Creating native mobile apps
  3. Having concern for design and user experience
  4. Supporting the app after development
  5. Having Product quality assurance
  6. Using a backend control panel with standard coding to ensure a high number of users in the app at any given time, considering this is very important since the more time spent on the control panel, the higher the quality of the app has to be.
  7. Testing the app before publishing.

Arrangement with a designing team

Opting freelancers might reduce the cost at the beginning, however, the program is in jeopardy of loss. Individual work carries a high level of risk, but it doesn’t mean there is no risk in teamwork. The risk exists for every mobile app development company, however, experienced firms don’t question their public corporation.

Strong portfolio

Many companies devote a significant amount of time to a website development, but this does not guarantee a satisfactory result in the end. Therefore, it’s preferable  to analyze companies based on their portfolio.

Capability in designing an online web service software

The main feature of an application is a web server or a control panel. A convenient application must receive the most recent information about users, services, products, orders, etc. every time the user sends a request from the server or the control panel. As a result, always ask the mobile app development company about the technology of the control panel. Not only should the mobile app development company have a good command of the control panel, but also avoid using open-source software in this case.

Designing native or hybrid apps

There are two approaches to design an app,  which lead to hybrid app s and native mobile apps . The first one is a website, and the output generates with the help of interface software. It is less expensive to do things this way. Building an app with a hybrid method is has some drawbacks. On the one hand, there are security issues, on the other hand, the app is high in size. Furthermore, the quality is low. But the substantial way is the native method. Building an app with an OS language like Android or iOS.

Clients satisfaction

Keep in mind that once you want to enter a mobile app development company, the company should have previous orders. Ask about how a company works. You cannot make everybody happy so, satisfaction is a relative term however, a company should have an acceptable client’s satisfaction rating.

Introducing Twelfth dream company

TwelfthDream is a software company based in Vancouver, Canada. Our mission is to offer financially worthwhile and creative software development services. Team As A Service (TAAS) assist you with all sorts of projects, from web application design, web design, design, and production of applications to blockchain software development. Above all, we suggest executive and creative solutions in developing software-based startups. Furthermore, our team can improving an existing software for you.

To carry out all sorts of projects we employ AGILE SCRUM which is a software development framework. It helps us to create balance in our 6-step process.

Mobile app development services we offer

Startup development

Startups revolve around technology, and they have the potential for dramatic growth. One aspect of startups in the software area. A development company act as an adviser or strategic partner to whom have a startup idea. If you have ideas for a startup, TwelfthDream tries every which way to make the initial product, to earn profit.

Minimal Viable product (MVP) development

Think about MVP before launching a startup. Not only can it alter your perception of a good product, but it also helps you where potential business opportunities are. What exactly is MVP? Frank Robinson, the founder of SyncDev, initiated the concept of MVP in 2001. As a development company, the team of professionals must be able to ideally discover key features which can be used by early customers. Customers would then be able to send you feedback; developers respond by later development on the product. Consequently, you have the chance to stay in the competition. Here at Twelfthdream, we employ Agile Scrum to deliver high-value products in a creative manner.

Turning a web application into a mobile app

Apps are classified into two types: web applications and mobile applications. Web applications run on a web server such as Mozilla where as a mobile app runs from a user’s device.

Sometimes, business owners occasionally change their minds about the type of application. It usually occurs due to a business perspective. So, the development company in charge should be adoptable to any changes. At TwelfthDream, our dedicated team of engineering professionals covert web app into mobile apps in the best possible way.

 Building a mobile app for an existing web application

Building a mobile app for an existing web application

Apps are everywhere, from PWA to web applications and mobile apps. Mobile app design is a big part of the environment. In the world of mobile apps, delivering a regular user experience smooths the path for your project.

If a firm already has a web application, building a mobile app is a piece of cake. Whether it’s a WordPress website or a web application, we convert your website into iOS and Android apps. Android and iOS are two operating systems (OS) for mobile phones.

To sum up

There are various mobile app development companies all around the world. In this article, we mention some characteristics of a good development company, but that wasn’t the whole story. Each company should think and look for a development company based on their priorities.

TwelfthDream could be the right choice for your company. We are the herald of all software technology with over 50 completed projects. We tailor plans and develop the best software solution for you. Moreover, we deliver the project right on time and on your budget. Our trusted experts are with you from the discovery phase till the maintenance. If you are interested for us to make you an app, you should get an estimate as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a hybrid and a native app? Native apps or cross-platform apps are programmed in the platform’s native language, like Java. According to the Cambridge dictionary, the explicit definition of the word hybrid is “something that is a combination of two different things, so it has qualities relating to both of them.”. Hybrid apps mix the elements of native and web applications.

Which type of app is right choice for my business, native, hybrid or PWA? This varies from project to project. However, there is some general advice. Native apps are expensive to develop and maintain in comparison with hybrid apps. PWAs run with low internet connection. They do not have a large size, moreover, they have an offline availability. And also, Progressive web app design is not time and money-consuming. Read Native Apps vs. Hybrid/cross-platform Apps vs. Progressive Web Apps for more information.

How much does it cost to develop an app? The mobile app development cost for a new project or improving an existing product is different. For a simple app, it usually starts from $38000. Get an estimate now for your project to know the exact price.

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