Django, and everything you need to know about it

History may repeat itself, but programmers sometimes repeat codes. A framework is a kind of template that avoids repeating. It is always there. Coders can incorporate it into any software. Python is a frequently used programming language. Django (pronounced as JANG-oh) is a well-known Python-based web framework.

In this article, we’re going to read a basic definition of DJ. After that, about its usages, as well as its merits and demerits. Finally, we’ll see some ideas on famous python frameworks.

What is Django?

Django is one of python’s most popular and high-level frameworks. It helps with website & eCommerce development, construction, and security. The framework was introduced in 2005. It named after the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. From the first release (1.0) to the last (3.1), the framework has highly evolved its style.

Django assists front-end and back-end developers to build and maintain web-based programs. It avoids doing repetitive tasks. Moreover, it also helps the process of developing web application design relatively simple to operate. This makes programmers’ projects conduct over a shorter period.

To be a bit clearer, Django is an MVT (Mobile Verification Toolkit) framework to build unique web applications. In other words, Django is a substantial aid in establishing clean, effective, and high-quality codes.

Django usages


Now that you know a bit about Django, you may question about its usages. Djangos framework is one of the worlds top. Moreover, many companies deploy this development tool. To clarify, some big examples are Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and Nasa. Certainly, at Twelfthdream, we use this framework to develop web and mobile applications.

Software companies have employed it on different websites. For example, social media, content producer, news, etc.

Computer geeks implement this framework on all types of projects. However, it might not be the right choice for small and temporary projects. It is cross-platform, which means the final product runs on Mac, Linux, or windows. Django has always been troubleshooting and fixing bugs to provide an ideal user experience.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Scalable: Choosing the right platform has always been absolutely vital for almost all developers. Certainly, finding a platform to manage big and small projects is quite essential. That’s why Django is a workable solution. It has the proven ability to support and develop small projects and increase the traffic and data. In other words, it can handle a lot of requests to the app. Instagram is a perfect example. This social media app, implemented with Django, has been scaled horizontally. As a result, it is able to handle high traffic.
  • Compatibility with python: As you might know, python is a robust programming language. In addition, python has left Java behind in 2021. Developers prefer python web development on numerous occasions because it’s easy and quite powerful. Engineers use Python in the implementation of applications, AI and ML computation, data science and visualization, etc. The good news is Django is the most popular python framework which works with the same language.
  • Security: Security is Django’s eye-catching feature, since developers are constantly improving it. So, it essentially avoids security pitfalls. That is the reason it genuinely assures users profiles and inputs information safety. Team As A Service (TAAS), at twelfthdream, builds the safest web applications with DJ framework.


  • It is best to use DJ for big projects, since it can really affect the quality of small projects.
  • The presence of an ORM system in this framework allows connection to databases. But the system embedded in it does not have powerful features compared to the same system in other frameworks, which is one of its weaknesses.

What is framework?

In the software development industry, a framework is a set of rules for programmers. To clarify, a software framework is a model for writing future codes. Specialists have tested and optimized codes with a framework. Therefore, they prevent possible errors in all likelihood. Some big advantages in using a framework are:

  • The code has greater security
  • A framework is pre-designed so, it saves you time when using it in programming
  • Code redundancy chances are below zero!
  • Testing and debugging is quite straightforward

3 Types of frameworks

  1. Web application
  2. Data science
  3. Mobile development


The three types of frameworks, and some very famous frameworks for each are:

  • Full stack frameworks

CubicWeb is an open-source web application framework, developed by Logilab in 2008. Moreover, Cubic posses’s reusable components and has a high security.

Giotto lets developers work independently. Some features it has, are automatic URL routing, functional CRUD patterns, and free restful interface.

Pylons is a web application framework written with python. It facilitates rapid development and reusability.

  • Micro-frameworks

Bottle is a simple and fast python framework. This microframework is good for learning prototyping and web framework functionality.

CherryPy is an object-oriented framework introduced in 2002. It owns powerful configuration systems and a built-in plugin sys.

Dash is an apt framework good for developing analytical web applications.

  • Asynchronous frameworks

AIOHTTP has a considerable efficiency with python. It allows building views and redirection of queries.

Sanic is one of most popular frameworks trusted by millions of users. It is simple and lightweight to build any application.


There are thousands of websites made with Django. This python-based framework helps a lot in developing big websites. So, your business could grow faster. What we do at Twelfth Dream, a Vancouver-based mobile app development company, is to bring your prosperity. Firstly, we Schedule a discovery session (the very first step) to evaluate the project scope. After that, our experts customize plans for you down to the smallest details. We employ Agile Scrum framework to keep tracks of tasks.

There’s no time like the present. Invest in your business. We create a website with DJ for you that is capable of further development. Book a discovery session now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is DJ free to use? It’s free and open-source.
  • Is there any difference between a framework and a library? Yes, a framework has features that distinguish it from libraries.
  • Can I change a frameworks code? No, it’s not possible.

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