Designing food delivery applications

Roughly 8.93 million mobile apps are available in the different app stores, and the lives of millions of businesses depend on mobile apps. Some advantageous app ideas to implement, are designing food delivery apps. Restaurants, fast food shops, coffee shops, and grocery delivery companies can employ an app to grow their business and actively engage more customers. Developing an app is like a scheme to build free bridges between you and your customers. Therefore, considering mobile app design,is a crucial step to keep in mind.

In this post, we aim to discover what a food delivery app is. Moreover, we’ll show four ways how it can be helpful, its benefits and costs, and the designing process.

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What is a food delivery app?

A food delivery app is something more than 15,000 restaurants use to display their menu and track their orders. The app allows customers to order or reserve their order online. To clarify, people can order a meal, a drink, or anything else they would want through a mobile app versus website.

The application really helps business owners and customers. Companies can provide their menu down to the smallest details, so customers can receive an overview and menu to choose from and order. Moreover, it won’t take the time for a waiter to come and collect the order of a customer, and there will be less of a wait time.

One useful trick to make more profit and absolute loyalty, is to offer customers discount coupons, because the success of a business depends on its planned application marketing strategies.

4 ways a food delivery app can help your restaurant, fast food shop, or anything related

  1. It can handle many customers at the same time: Customers often complain bitterly about standing and waiting in a line. If you want to get rid of this problem, one of the easier solutions is getting a food app, because the process of ordering and purchasing only takes a few minutes in an app.
  2. An application will aid you in building a customer database. You can study and analyze related statistics, which will allow you to choose your business priorities well. This is a very helpful thing to do since it helps to grow your business quickly
  3. An application will increase your business’ brand awareness more for loyal customers
  4. If the app provides a meaningful user experience (UI), customers will order more from you, because of their good experience. Also, they will sometimes recommend ordering from you to other people.

food delivery app benefits

Some food delivery app benefits

  1. Creating a food delivery app will allow you to have a fancy menu and give the exact price of your meals to your customers
  2. Tracking orders through the management dashboard
  3. Adding vivid and attractive pictures of food to the menu
  4. Informing all customers about the latest updates on foods, discounts, and news completely free of charge by sending push notifications
  5. Customers assign Purchase Order Lead Time (POLT)
  6. Putting an advertisement in the app
  7. Coupon feature to offer discounts
  8. Providing various payment methods. For example, online payment, on-site, wallet payments, and through a credit card reader

Food delivery app cost

First of all, you can our article on “mobile app development cost“. You’ll gain an understanding of some features affecting mobile app design costs. In this part, we cover some other points. At Twelfthdream, we hold discovery sessions to help you personalize the application’s feature based on your niche. We use Agile Scrum which is a software development framework. It helps us keep tracking of the tasks. Furthermore, we employ the latest advancements such as React js or Django.

Some key factors influencing an app’s price

  • The app using the phone’s camera and gallery, like Telegram
  • Sending and receiving data with Wi-Fi
  • In-app purchasing
  • An In-app chatting system
  • Rating and commenting products in the app
  • Releasing the application in Google Play and App Store by the company
  • Storing information in the users device and internal database
  • The app having the ability to support two or more different languages

Finding investors to fund your app is a great strategy. A comprehensive mobile app business plan encourages funders to spend money on your app.

food delivery app

The app design process

Generally, five important processes of designing an app are as below:

The starting point: We have always heard not to judge a book by its cover. When it comes to the app designing industry, the appearance matters. The users usually look at the app’s front page and judje on that. As a result, it should be visually appealing enough to keep users interested.

Because it represents your company, a food delivery app must have a clean and beautiful design. Begin with designing the logo, since it defines the business identity. Choose a color and a theme based on the brand’s impression. Pictures, the style, the font, and every other component must be highly compatible with the brand’s impression.

Expressing information: When clients search for delivery services, they will look through websites for any data they can find. They want to know everything there is to know about the company, including the nature of the brand. As a result, it is quite significant to tell every detail in detail.

The interior app design process

Creating a digital menu: Your digital menu should look like a food encyclopedia. The menu speaks for itself. Customers will not be drawn in if you serve ordinary food on your menu. So, transform your digital menu into an incredible menu. To accomplish this, you can use some amazing colors with deception power and attractive fonts with images of delicious food types to entice people to click on the link.

Loyalty programs, discounts and coupons: In this section, in addition to the goals, you must design a way to retain more loyal customers. You can do this by designing an app and a little creativity in doing so. Create a reward plan for your regular customers to take advantage of discounts and promotional codes.  Break away from monotony and create something amazing for foodies across the country to succeed in the industry.

Ordering and payment: Time is money, and users WILL NOT work with an app that takes long to order on. The ability to order and pay within the application is a must. Ordering through the app also reduces human error and thus increases order accuracy and customer satisfaction.


Having a food delivery app can do you good. Growing profits from sale, maintaining customers, and more noticeable presence in the digital world are some merits among many. Besides, the business’s advantage, one major benefit for costumers, is ordering food from where they are.

Now that you know the utility of food delivery apps and reasons why to have one, don’t waste time. If you have been looking for a company to plan your project, Twelfthdream would be the apt fit for you. Since 2015, we have carried out over 50 projects. Team as a Service (TAAS) will definitely serve your needs. Furthermore, we put tremendous team effort to deliver your project on time. That is why we reach 95% of client satisfaction rate. If you are interested to collaborate with us, you can book a discovery call right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to make my restaurant’s app work better? To do this, you need to step forward. The application’s visual design should be attractive enough for users. Express the restaurant’s features, explicitly. Create a digital menu, mobile food ordering, and use loyalty programs such as discounts and coupons.

What can I achieve with a food delivery app? By using a delivery app, you can achieve things such as strengthening the brand, providing a better customer experience, improving the goods and services standards, increasing visitors’ return, creating location-based ads, increasing sales, and increasing the brand loyalty.

What are the top food delivery apps in the market? Uber eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash are some examples.

What Payment gateways should I use for my app? Moneris, PayPal, and Elavon are widely used payment processors.

Read more about Canada payment gateway.

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