Custom website design for businesses and startups

The world of business has completely transformed, especially after the Covid-19 epidemic. Although digital marketing is nothing new, more businesses have deployed a digital approach in this era. One of the most important pillars of online trade is a website. But not all websites deserve customers’ attention. A flawless, visually appealing custom website design has the potential to engage users and build customers. Moreover, the average time users spend on a page in an e-commerce shop is merely 52 seconds. And certainly, time is gold. Building a responsive custom website that is easy to navigate is a bit challenging, but possible. We have paved the way for you in this article. Keep reading to find out more.

Custom website design

What is a custom website design?

A custom website is solely coded to serve your goals. To clarify, the distinguishing factor between a custom site and websites rooted from a CMS, like WordPress, is coding the whole project from scratch. Furthermore, developing a custom site takes a longer time than developing a layout website. Another facet is the cost. The budget for developing custom-built websites surpass template web design. The last thing about a custom site is modification. As your business grows, it necessitates a more complex platform to handle flocks of users, interactions, online payments, etc. A Custom-built site welcomes future updates.

Two tributes of a good website

Loading speed: Users are impatient. We are living in 2022, when loading speed is something undeniable. Therefore a website, especially an eCommerce platform, should load fast, in about two to three seconds. There are essential things to consider like caching pages, lessening redirects, optimizing the images, and more. Employ TinyPNG to reduce image size. Check out the article: “Page loading speed“. There, we have more solutions on how to improve it.

Responsiveness: There are different devices available in the hardware marketplace. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and wearables to name a few. A responsive custom site fits the gadgets’ screen sizes and orientations. So, the layout is properly displayed regarding the environment.

custom website design

The most common website development technologies


HTML5 is the most recent version of Html, a mark-up language. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is free to deploy in almost any software and web development project to create the foundation, for instance, progressive web app design. Compatibility with most of the Internet browsers is a great merit for Html5.


Cascading Style Sheets shape the look of a website. With CSS, an appealing user experience boosts satisfaction. Since specifying a web page element’s like font, color, animation aesthetically and conveniently is altered with CSS, it is a vital section of custom website design.


Bootstrap is a free open-source framework for front-end development that avoids encompassing lots of CSS code. In addition, it offers various pre-coded classes for efficiently designing web pages.


Hypertext Preprocessor is a general-purpose scripting language that aids programmers to develop dynamic web pages. PHP is fast and secure and regardless of the operating system. Whether it’s Windows, Mac, or Linux, the codes can be used anywhere. In addition, the language has a shallow learning curve so if you are a new programmer, it is not rocket science to learn PHP.


Javascript is among the top three in the programming languages ranking. If you asked for web application design, Javascript is implemented in your project for interactive UX design. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the three sides of the custom web design triangle today. furthermore, there are some snippets of codes in JS, known as frameworks, to increase development pace. We have talked about some of them in previous articles.

Responsiveness, smooth user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) design are among the appurtenances of an eminent website & eCommerce shop so they can bring traffic and conversion to it. Opting for the best technologies is important. But what matters most is arranging all the puzzle pieces to meet the goals that need years of practical experience. Gaining experience is a possible thing, but time slips away as well and the competition is fierce. That is when you need an agile IT team. A group of IT experts who know the ropes is known as Team as a Service (TaaS). The TaaS package dynamically proceeds towards the destination since the team spirit is embedded in the team by passing time. Cost-saving benefits of Taas are another facet to consider.

Building a website from scratch, really?

Developing a website from scratch sounds like a daunting task. Although uniqueness, taking time and proficient programming skills are major disadvantages. Here’s where CMS comes in. A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software that allows you to effortlessly maintain and alter a website without having to know how to code.

The two most popular CMS platforms


WordPress is a versatile open-source CMS for content marketing, soaring in popularity in recent years. Themes, on one hand, formulate the front look of a blog or site. WordPress plugins, on the other hand, expand the website’s functionalities, however, overusing plugins slow sites down. Building a WordPress site is more cost-effecting in comparison to building a custom site from scratch.


Alike WordPress, Joomla is free and open-source, but it takes more time than WordPress to install. Joomla shares a limited number of templates and extensions, therefore, finding one that matches your expectations may take some time. If you want to establish social networking and are not a green amateur with CMS, then Joomla is a good idea for where to start your eCommerce platform.


In the hectic life, we’re living today, internet-driven solutions like websites let us adjust to the brisk pace. A fluid custom website design rises and shines between the web users. And you can generate profitable passive income revenue with it. Twelfth Dream Team as a Service (TaaS) is at your service. Book a free discovery session with us today to estimate the project scope, time, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is front-end development? Front-end development relates to all the coding that leads to the look of a website and what users can see on the screens. HTML and CSS are the backbones of front-end development.

Is it free to use WordPress? WordPress is a popular and free CMS. However, employing WordPress plugins is often necessary to make a website more dynamic and user-friendly. Unlike, the CMS some plugins are free and some are not.

What is a progressive web app? PWAs are a new concept in software development. They are mobile applications in a unique format. Unlike, native apps, PWAs are not installed on the device storage and are easy to share just through a link.

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