5 Ways Cloud Computing Impacts the Software Development Process

When you have an idea for a custom software app or website, you are likely in a time crunch and want it done quickly and affordability. Cutting corners is not an option as it could land you with an end product that doesn’t work as you intended (and will have been a waste of your investment). 

Instead, software developers are helping you get your app faster by using cloud computing software for efficient development and launch. It streamlines the process without cutting corners, so you get an app or website that meets or exceeds your expectations and saves you money. 

Keep reading to learn about cloud computing and how it’s changed the software development process for the better (for both customers like you and software developers like Twelfth Dream). 

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing delivers services online rather than saving files and programs on a user’s computer. Information and data are stored on 3rd party servers for you or your team to access from their personal computers or mobile devices. 

When you use cloud computing, you can:

  • Increase your storage space (you’re no longer limited by the hard drive space on your personal computer)
  • Increase processing power (you’re not limited by the RAM or processing speed of your personal computer)
  • Increase collaboration opportunities so multiple people can access files and components at the same time from anywhere 
  • Support automatic updates and back-ups
  • Get near-limitless scalability based on your needs.

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How can cloud computing be used in the software development process?

Cloud computing has opened up many opportunities to create a more efficient and cost-effective software development process. Previously software development had to be completed on personal computers. This process made scaling, collaboration, and sharing difficult without physically sitting side-by-side at the computer or using remote desktop software to view the screen from another computer offsite. 

With cloud computing, applications can be built on software and systems saved on the cloud (aka 3rd party servers accessed over the internet). Today, developers are no longer limited to the capabilities of their personal computers. 

5 ways cloud computing impacts software development

Cloud computing has revolutionized the software development process. Here are the top five benefits of using cloud computing for your next software development project:

  1. Reduced infrastructure costs

Your software development team must no longer purchase the fastest computers with the best processing power for your project. They can typically use standard-built computers and access their files and builds through the cloud-based platform on which they’re building your application. 

While the developer still needs to pay a subscription fee for the cloud application they’re using, that can be significantly less expensive than purchasing new, high-speed computers every few years (as most computers become redundant after this time and must be upgraded). 

  1. Greater scalability and flexibility 

One of the most significant limitations of working off personal computer processing and hard drives is you are limited in both scope and flexibility. With software development over the cloud, you’ll have the flexibility to:

  • Increase file storage capacity, only limited by your cloud subscription plan. 
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection (you can work from the office, home, coffee shop, or the beach)
  • Work with others and work on files simultaneously. 
  1. Faster development 

Many websites or custom software development takes four to six months (or longer) to plan, develop, and launch. It’s often not wise to cut corners for faster development. However, you can save time when your development team works more efficiently. 

When your developers are working over the cloud, you can benefit from faster development times because:

  • Your teams can work in tandem. Collaboration can happen in real-time on the same files or parallel components without waiting for one deliverable and integration to be completed at a time before the subsequent can be started. 
  • Your developers access faster processing power. They’re not limited by personal computer processing speed, which is usually not as fast as server processing power and ability. 
  • Less time is wasted creating manual back-ups. With cloud computing, back-ups are done automatically, so you can revert back if any content is lost for any reason.  
  1. Improved ability for collaborating and remote work

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of your software development team working on multiple project components simultaneously. They can also use cloud computing to work together on components and help each other test and troubleshoot more effectively. Using cloud computing processes means testing and troubleshooting can be done anytime, not waiting for the next team meeting to review. 

It also allows you, as the client, to provide feedback and view iterations of your project anytime without scheduling an in-person, on-site meeting. You can provide more in-real-time feedback and see changes made immediately so you can sign off on the project much faster. 

Cloud computing also allows you to work with a broader range of development companies, not only ones in your city. You can now find the right developer with the unique skills and experience you want, no matter where they work. 

  1. Greater cost savings potential

For all the reasons above, you can save significant time and money on your software development by hosting it over the cloud. Using cloud computing systems for your development means you save money because:

  • You don’t have to purchase high-spec personal computers and upgrade them every few years. 
  • You eliminate unnecessary development hours because your team works more efficiently and in real time. 
  • You can provide feedback and approvals faster over the cloud than by booking and waiting for in-person meetings. 
  • If your computer is hacked, stolen, or fatally crashed, you won’t lose your development to date because you have regular daily (or more frequent) back-ups done for you automatically in the background. 

The future of your software development project

At Twelfth Dream, we turn your business ideas into streamlined solutions through development over the cloud. We develop your solution on 3rd party, web-based platforms so you get convenience, reliability, and efficiency for your project. 

Cloud computing cuts down on our infrastructure costs (cost-savings we can pass to you), provides greater scalability and flexibility, helps your project get completed faster, helps our teams collaborate better with each other and your project stakeholders, and saves you money.  

Are you ready to take your business technology to the next level? Schedule a free Discovery Call with a Twelfth Dream project manager today to learn how cloud computing can help your project arrive on budget and on time. 

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